Making life better

Health focused 

Unicity knows good health catalyzes individual well-being and economic prosperity. Aligned with Unicity's overarching mission to enhance lives through health interventions, the Unicity Make Life Better Foundation is committed to fostering health-centric initiatives for underserved populations.

We know poor health is a multi-faceted problem and we work to tackle it with responsible and sustainable solutions by ensuring equitable access to sports programs, nutrient-rich food, and mental and physical health interventions.

Education centered

Education is one of our best investments. It empowers the individual and fuels economic growth. The Unicity Make Life Better Foundation supports formal education with scholarships for first-generation college students, teacher support, and new school buildings for crowded and rural areas.

However, education should extend far beyond the traditional classroom. We also support music classes for children in refugee camps, job training courses for new immigrants, and support for entrepreneurs. We look for ways to further education for a variety of motivated and deserving people, giving them the specific help they need to make their own change.

Community engaged

Operating in more than 50 countries, Unicity is a global community that cultivates strong networks. We choose locally run programs to enrich the communities we serve, ensuring positive change for generations.

Join us in this transformative journey toward a healthier and more resilient future. Your involvement can make a lasting impact. Together, let's make life better for all.