Activate Plus is a 12-week experience designed with you in mind. You are unique and your needs individual. Let’s get started.

Lasting Success

The Activate Plus lifestyle is a long term approach. While short term results are sure to happen, Activate Plus inculcates you with knowledge and provides you a product experience that will perpetually enable and empower you to see the results you want.

  • Optimal Fat Burning

    The Activate App will help you understand how your food is impacting you. The more you understand whats going on, the more capable you become of controlling the outcome.

  • Your Activate Consultant

    During your 12 week experience, you will have a 30-minute coaching call once per week. With your consultant, you can review any challenges you face, go over any questions you have about products or principles and set forth the next week of how you will do and give your best.

    Your calls are guaranteed to be informative, confidential, and nonjudgmental.

  • Its Your Life, live it.

    Unicity Activate Plus is focused on you. You have a unique schedule and lifestyle. Activate Plus fits into your life and seamlessly becomes part of how you live. 12 weeks is the beginning. Not the end goal.

    Your consultant will help you utilize Unicity products in a way that fits your life.

Activating our metabolic potential

Activate Plus strikes a perfect harmony between vital scientific truths and next-generation products that enhance our ability to abide by practical and proper principles.

LC Base

Packed with quality protein and high in healthy fat, LC Base is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. It is utilized as a filling meal replacement to help you learn to burn fat, keep insulin low and keep you full.

Unimate Fuel

Unimate Fuel is a combination of a potent extract of yerba mate and coconut creamer. This duo acts as the perfect start to a day to help your body burn fat, stave off hunger and feel better mentally.


Decades of science combined with thousands of lives changed. Balance supports your body’s ability to maintain healthy blood glucose levels, a key component of burning fat for fuel.


Matcha has quickly become popular through out the world. Unicity Matcha is the highest quality on the market. It will help you have energy through out the day without the crash of normal energy drinks. Unicity Matcha also helps with focus and metabolism


Unimate is a concentrated extract of yerba mate. It’s been shown to improve fat burning and increase optimism. Unimate is the most potent aide in helping your body burn fat and not feel hungry at the same time.

Neigene Collagen Plus

This purple powder packs a punch! Not so much with energy, but with beauty from within. With the right type of collagen and other ingredients, Neigene Collagen is a must for building health from the inside.

Real People, Real Results

See how everyday people have Activated their new life.

Ainsley B.

Gailen C.

Ashlee C.

  • Gailen C.

  • Ainsley B.

  • Ashlee C.

The Unicity Activate Plus Program

With the knowledge, determination, and resources you need to achieve your goals, we guarantee that your success will be the most rewarding part of the Unicity Activate Plus.

How long does the Activate Plus Program last?

How long does the Activate Plus program last? – We hope you stay on Activate forever! But your experience comes with 12 weeks of products and 1 coaching call per week for 12 weeks. You will have access to the Unicity App during the twelve weeks as well as after to keep going!

Will I have a strict diet while on Activate Plus?

Short Answer: No. Activate Plus is specifically designed to be principle based. This means that you will learn how to follow nutritional principles and utilize Unicity products in order to find a comfortable and sustainable lifestyle that helps you get to where you want to be.

Will I be restricted to a low calorie diet?

Activate Plus does NOT focus on calories. While calories can help give us a snap shot of our nutrition habits, they are not the best indicator for nutrition and counting calories is nearly impossible to be sustainable. Rather than focus on calories, Activate Plus focuses on timing and following a few simple nutritional priciples to help you get where you want to get.

Is Activate Plus a keto diet?

Activate Plus is NOT a keto diet. A keto diet specifically aims to be so low in carbs that your body produces ketones. Activate Plus is about controlling your carb intake through smart food choices as well as consistent use of Unicity products. A sustainable lifestyle has room for you to enjoy your favorite carb foods 🙂

Will I have to keep track of my weight each week?

Tracking weight and measurements is up to each person. We have noticed that some form of tracking helps you feel accountable and excited as your see your body change. However, it is not a requirement as some people may have negative feelings towards photos, taking their weight or measurments. Keep in mind this is your life. We will say that almost everyone wishes they would have taken a picture at the beginning to see the difference!

I've never taken supplements, will Activate Plus work for me?

Absolutely. Activate Plus is designed to integrate Unicity products into your life in a way that works for you. There is no one size fits all and we treat you as your own person. Activate Plus exposes you to several powerful products and it will be your choice as to how they fit in your life!