Bioslife Air

Bioslife Air

Good health starts from the quality of air we breathe. As our lungs are constantly exposed to our immediate environment; ensuring clean air in our surroundings is crucial in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

BiosLife Air uses 4 filtering layers which can filter up to 99.97% pollutants and deliver clean air (CDAR) up to 310m3 / hour, and effectively filter out harmful particles, allergens, dust, smoke as big as 0.3 microns and particles that are 0.01 microns (and smaller).

Powered by a negative ioniser, Bioslife Air absorbs and reduce harmful gas molecules and unpleasant odours, ensuring circulating is clean and fresh.


  • Low-noise spin-out motor with 3 fan speeds, to choose from, as well as night mode toggle for a conducive sleep environment.
  • PM 2.5 and HEPA-13 equivalent composite filter with activated carbon, which reduces benzene and formaldehyde fumes present in the air.
  • Easy-view display of PM 2.5 ration of ambient air.
  • Particle filter and permanantly charged fibres filter large particles.


  • Remove unit from its box and plug power adapter to a compatible power socket.
  • Carefully retrieve inner filter and remove protective plastic wrap.
  • Place inner filter, pre-filter, and front cover back securely before turning on the unit.