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At Unicity we are committed to building people. Our products and opportunity provide distributors with stepping-stones to a better life.

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    Unicity has a simple Rank advancement system. After you enroll, you will receive a detailed guide with more information about each opportunity.

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    With eight different income streams available to each Unicity Distributor, you’ll have more freedom than ever to enjoy the things you love.

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    Unicity is dedicated to providing meaningful acknowledgment of the extraordinary accomplishments of each of our Distributors. In addition to Rank bonuses, each Unicity Distributor is eligible to qualify for annual rewards trips.

How They Did it

How They Did it

Mi-suk Kim

Yeongju-City, South Korea

Bui Thanh Phong

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Young-ja Do

Daelim-Dong Seoul, South Korea

  • Mi-suk Kim

    Yeongju-City, South Korea

  • Sailar

    Tachileik, Myanmar

  • Young-ja Do

    Daelim-Dong Seoul, South Korea


Does Unicity provide marketing materials?

Email our CS team at [email protected] for tools you can use for your business.

Can I join if I’m not based in New Zealand?

Yes. Unicity is proud to have Distributors located in over 50 countries around the world.

What is a Distributor?

Once you’ve experienced our products for yourself, you have the opportunity to share them with others to help make their lives better. In doing so you have the opportunity to earn Commissions according to the Unicity Compensation Plan.

Does it cost anything?

No, member registration is FREE for New Zealand market. Click here to enroll as Unicity distributor.

Why multi-level marketing?

We believe in a high touch person-to-person model. Learn more.