Make Life Better

Unicity is committed on social development which consistent with our mission “Make Life Better” by helping people who force with natural disaster and also support any social benefits’ activity.


The Make Life Better Foundation exists to spread need-based hope and health around the world. Throught the hard work, dedication, passion, and patronage of Unicity distributors, customers, and employees, the foundation helps Unicity realize its mission to Make Life Better.

At the Demilitarized Zone in Korea

At the Demilitarized Zone in Korea

As part of Unicity’s 2012 Global Leadership Convention, corporate executives and top distributors gathered at the Korea Demilitarized Zone for a service project to promote the unification of Korea, including a ribbon tying ceremony where they were able to symbolically offer messages of unity to the people of North Korea.

They also rang the Peace Bell 33 times—a number symbolizing peace to the Koreans—and enjoyed lunch with a local military unit. After lunch, our top distributors watched a martial arts demonstration featuring more than 100 soldiers showing their skills.

Their time at the DMZ culminated with the service project where each distributor planted a tree as a symbol of hope. An engraved stone marker was also left to commemorate the event. A service project such as this has never before happened at the DMZ, and may never happen again, making it a significant moment for Unicity and for Korea.

Step Out with the ADA

Step Out with the ADA

Unicity joined with American Diabetes Association (ADA) on the recent Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes event in downtown Salt Lake City.

Unicity was the stand-out business at the ADA event, which consisted of a 5K walk and run around Liberty Park in Salt Lake City. There was live entertainment, inflatable play areas for kids, and more. Out of the 817 people who registered for the ADA event, 117 participants were from Unicity–by far the largest group from a single organization.

Unicity team members wore bright orange shirts, specifically made for the event, and set up a display booth that housed products–with employees on hand to explain the benefits of using Bios Life Slim and Slim G.