Life Health


Bios 7

  • Support healthy glucose level
  • Combine the fiber and Prebiotic to support healthy microbiome
  • Rich in polyphenol from yeast, pomegranate, red grape and apple
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Bios Life® Slim

  • Helps naturally burn away excess fat
  • No jitters, hunger, or confusion of other weight loss products
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Bios Life® C Plus

  • A patented, fiber-based, vitamin rich dietary supplement
  • Clinically proven that may assist in stabilising cholesterol level
  • All-new plus formula contains more effective fiber than Bios Life C, and improved taste and mouthfeel
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Bios Life® E

  • Boosts energy and amplifies mental clarity
  • Supports intestinal function, improves bowl movement
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  • Patented highest quality Yerba Mate extract, purified to improve efficacy
  • Support healthy cognitive and mood function
  • Helps to maintain endurance and stamina
  • Through extract, concentrate and purified process make Unimate 10 times more effective
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Core Health

  • AM/PM packets are formulated to help your body maximize vitamin and mineral absorption
  • Cutting-edge science uses phytochemicals to keep you healthy and functioning
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Soy Protein

  • Contains 8 gram of vegetable protein per serving, from 100% soy protein
  • Maintain Endocrine and Cardiovascular health
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Daily Produce 24®

  • With extracts from 24 varieties of fruits and vegetables
  • Protects the body from free-radical damage and to overall health
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