Cardio Essentials™

  • Regulates the balance of electrolyte
  • Provides nourishment and antioxidant protection for heart
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Omega Life-3™

  • Advanced molecular fish oil, more beneficial for Cardiovascular health
  • Refined from a variety of small fish species, non-single salmon oil source
  • Smaller capsule, no fishy smell
  • Supply your body with a blend of molecular omega-3 fatty acid Higher proportion of EPA/DHA,
strengthen cardiovascular, circulation, nerve, and eye health
  • Contains 800EPA and 400DHA per serving(4 softgels)
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Omega Life-3™ Resolv

  • Provide high quality of omega 3 fatty acid that maintain healthy metabolism
  • Patented omega 3 fatty acid for its 10 X more effective of resolvins that help maintain healthy inflammation in body
  • Promote health of cardiovascular, bone, joint, cognitive, mood and child development
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