Scientifically Proven Products

The Prescribers’ Digital Reference (PDR) is consulted by healthcare professionals millions of times each week, and the publication has been distributed to nearly 500,000 physicians and chief pharmacists throughout the United States. 90% of healthcare professionals consider this reference the most important source of reliable information, aiding them in making the right decisions when advising patients on which products to use.

  Getting products listed in Prescribers’ Digital Reference (PDR) is rigorous and challenging. The PDR is a highly respected and widely used reference book in the medical field, so inclusion in the publication requires meeting certain criteria and standards.

  Pharmaceutical & nutraceutical companies need to conduct extensive clinical trials and gather substantial data to support the safety, efficacy, and benefits of their products. This data must meet the rigorous standards of regulatory agencies like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States. The information submitted for inclusion in the PDR often undergoes peer review by medical experts and professionals to ensure accuracy, reliability, and relevance.

  Unicity International is proud to have our products in this prestigious reference for healthcare professionals. This reflects our continued focus on clinical research. Unicity has twice as many products in the PDR compared to any other nutraceutical company in a similar field.

  Unicity also conducted collaborations with major medical institutions, including The Cleveland Clinic, The American Heart Association, the University of Utah, the University of Minnesota, and Columbia University, further underscoring our dedication to scientific rigour.

  Unicity’s products offer a range of benefits, from weight loss and heart health to bone strength and vision support, and are recommended with confidence by hundreds of healthcare professionals daily. We pride ourselves on being a science-based company and have established the Unicity Scientific Advisory Board to ensure our products are scientifically sound and utilize the latest information in the field.

  This dedication to excellence has also earned Unicity recognition, including the Utah Genius Award, which acknowledges the creators and inventors driving Utah’s economy.

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