Clearstart contains three products: Paraway®, LiFiber™, and Nature’s Tea™. Used together as instructed, these three products provide an intensive 30-day digestive cleansing program, which we recommend you repeat every 6 months. In addition, many people benefit by taking LiFiber daily throughout the year. When your digestive system is working at peak efficiency, you’ll maximize your well-being and address a variety of health concerns. Moreover, your body will more efficiently absorb the vitamins and minerals essential to optimal health.

Features & Benefits:
Unicity designed Clearstart to help your digestive system accomplish three tasks essential to good health:

  • Eliminating unwanted organisms
  • Removing toxins
  • Cleansing your colon

Nature’s Tea

Features & Benefits:

  • Each tea bag consist of 9 types of herbal ingredients
  • Contains Senna Leaf that is known to be able to cleanse the body
  • Help the body gently cleanse and slim itself
  • Good tasting
  • Promotes health

Paraway Plus

Features & Benefits:

  • Each capsules consist of 15 different types of herbal extract
  • Providing you the benefits of Black Walnut Hull, Pumpkin Seeds, Clove Flower Bud, Peppermint Leaves and Chamomile Flower Extract in maintaining a healthy body.

Chlorophyll Powder

Features & Benefits:

  • Cleanses and nourishes the body
  • Supports immune system
  • May reduce urinary and fecal odor
  • Contains chlorophyllin concentrate
  • Can be consumed anytime of the day


Features & Benefits:

  • Each tea bag consist of 8 types of herbal ingredients originated from the Native American
  • Contains Milk Thistle that is known to have benefits in supporting healthy body functions
  • Not suitable for children and pregnant woman
  • Derived from native American herbal recipe


  • Each stick pack contains four types of research-backed bacterial strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus LA02, Lactobacillus rhamnosus LR04, Bifidobacterium BR03, Bifidobacterium BS01) formulated to help maintain your health
  • Added with Inulin as a source of prebiotic working synergistically with the proprietary blend of probiotic strains in Bios Life Probionic
  • The probiotic strains are microencapsulated to ensure the probiotics are resistant to the environment in stomach, to deliver live probiotic bacterias at intestine for enhance results of probiotic supplementation
  • Each stick packs provides more than 20 billion CFU of live probiotic bacterias
  • Probiotics powder helps in improving beneficial intestinal microflora thus helps to improve symptoms of poor digestive health

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