Genes operate like switches, sending different messages depending on whether they are in the on or o position. Over time, the communication between our genes and the body functions they control breaks down. Bad habits, environmental factors, stress, and improper sleep can all contribute to the breakdown.

When gene-body communication breakdowns occur, genes become stuck in one position and are unable to flip to communicate distinct messages. What if there were a way unstick those switches and take steps to promote healthy genes? Unicity Science believes you can.

While scientists don’t know all the reasons why genes become stuck and cease to function, many scientists believe that there are things you can do to promote healthy genes. Key nutrient compounds from certain plants have been linked to maintaining gene health over long periods of time.

All plants are composed of primary metabolites—proteins, carbohydrates, and other major nutrients—that give the plant its structure and function. However, secondary metabolites appear in high amounts in plants that are thriving or exceptionally healthy. Compounds from secondary metabolites can encourage the overall health of genes. Secondary metabolites often promote the health of our genes and, in turn, improve genes’ ability to express themselves healthily and improve function throughout our bodies.

At Unicity Science, we are actively studying plant compounds that promote healthy genes, and we are including them in our products. Look for our “Genomeceutical” label, which marks products that contain compounds from plants with high concentrations of gene-strengthening material.

List of GenomeCeutical Products

  • Bios 7
  • Bios Life E
  • Unimate
  • Matcha X
  • Omega Life – 3 Resolv
  • LC Ascent
  • NEIGENE Skin Care Range
  • Core Health
  • Bone Fortify
  • Joint Mobility
  • CoQ10