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Who We Are?

Unicity is in the business of building up people. With a focus on empowering employees, distributors, and customers to achieve their individual aspirations, each day Unicity helps thousands around the world to Make Life Better, through the products and business opportunity.

Headquartered in Orem, Utah and driven by more than 100 years of enterprise, Unicity empowers its employees, distributors, and customers to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Focusing on both physical health and personal development, Unicity’s proven products and structured business opportunity have helped thousands of people around the world exemplify our corporate motto to Make Life Better.

Recognized as one of the Top 500 Privately-held Businesses in the United States—ranked 87th on the national level and First in the state of Utah—Unicity stands as an industry leader for both nutritional supplements and business development.

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  • Science

    Unicity is dedicated to using science to create products that improve the health and quality of life for people everywhere. We have recruited top scientists from around the world to be the driving force of our elite Unicity Science Team.

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  • History

    It started with one great product that deserved more than life on a shelf and grew into an international mission to make life better for people throughout the world.

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  • Executives

    Driven by a belief in our products and our distributors, our leaders come together to inspire and lead our community. They are the driving forces behind Unicity International.

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  • Why Should You Join?

    When you have a product that has the potential to change the course of someone’s life it needs something special– a personal touch.

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