Unicity Story

Our History

Unicity was founded with a bold mission to make healthy living doable in an on-the-go world. And while the vision was big, the company came from small beginnings.

Unicity began with one product: Bios Life (later named “Balance”). Bios Life provided a unique way to support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

When the product was originally placed in retail stores throughout the United States, there was one problem: it didn’t sell as well as expected. Although the product had been endorsed by professionals for its unique qualities, it needed more explanation than the traditional nutrition label could offer.

As a result, a new person-to-person sales process was implemented. The model gave people the opportunity to connect with others and explain why Unicity products differed from generic supplements. From there, Unicity continued to expand and establish international markets as well as an ever-growing product selection.

In 2006, Unicity named Stewart Hughes as its new CEO. Hughes began as a successful distributor who initially joined Unicity because of the positive effects Bios Life had on his health. Because of the benefits that came from Bios Life, Hughes committed himself to helping others achieve better health.

Today, Unicity has 17 products listed in the PDR, 60+ markets in countries all over the world, and a growing selection of more than 400 products. Our mission is to help people everywhere enjoy a beautiful, healthy, fulfilling life through our exceptional products, a fun and rewarding business opportunity, and a culture of family, health, and gratitude.

Unicity envisions becoming a global leader in innovation, with an unrivaled business model, that enhances self-confidence and financial well-being of millions of families around the globe.

While Unicity has grown and expanded over the years, the mission has remained the same: Make Life Better.





Rexall-Sundown is Founded


Bios Life is Born


A New Distributor Business Model is Implemented


Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International Unify to Form Unicity


Bios Life First Appears in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR)


Stewart Hughes is Named as Unicity’s CEO


The Dubai Office Joins the 50+ Global Unicity Markets


LC Base and Unimate Fuel Are Launched


Launching of Feel Great Pack