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With a nutrient-rich bioactive ingredient blend, Unimate offers a daily source for peace, productivity, and happiness.

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Unimate contains efficacious amounts of chlorogenic acid, theobromine, and triterpene, which work together to boost energy, mood, and health—three factors that are paramount to everyday productivity and quality of life.


For centuries, the yerba mate plant has been a South American tradition and now we’ve partnered with Swiss scientists to bring you an entirely new and improved product. Using a proprietary process, our yerba mate is purified and made 10 times more effective than traditional loose leaf mate.


All around the world people rely on different products to get them through their day: a morning coffee, a sweet afternoon treat, and a relaxing evening cup of tea. Each of these products provide useful benefits, but they are also accompanied by negative side effects: energy crashes, sugar spikes, addiction, irritability, headaches, etc. What if there were a way to get all the positive benefits of your favorite pick-me-ups without the negative side effects? With Unimate you can!



Do I drink Unimate hot or cold?

You can drink Unimate hot or cold.

What are the health benefits of Unimate?

Unimate contains chlorogenic acid, theobromine, and triterpene.

These ingredients have been shown to help slow down the body’s absorption of fat and metabolism, support healthy cognitive functions that influence mood and relaxation, and promote healthy digestion.

Can I take Unimate with Matcha?

Yes, you can use both products. We recommend drinking Unimate in the morning and Matcha in the afternoon for balanced cognitive and metabolic function.

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