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Leadership Team

Stewart Hughes
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Unicity International, Stewart Hughes spent 15 years in the financial services industry and launched an independent distributor organization committed to bringing cutting-edge preventive health care products to market worldwide.

In leaving his highly successful distributorship with Unicity to become the company’s CEO, Mr. Hughes has made the strongest possible statement about his commitment to Unicity and to its distributors. His passion to Make Life Better for employees, distributors, and customers has led to quality products, proven personal development programs, and lives that have truly been made better.

Christopher Kim
President, Global Market

Mr. Kim is currently serving as the President of Unicity International, Global Markets. As President, Mr. Kim oversees all of the global markets for Unicity, working to help orchestrate and accelerate the company’s growth.

Prior to joining Unicity, Mr. Kim served in various executive positions for more than 14 years. When he joined Unicity in 2005, he not only brought hisextensive experience to the company, but also distinguished himself as an exceptionally intelligent and effective leader. Mr. Kim has a unique ability to connect with people from diverse cultures, allowing him to strengthen the company on both a micro and macro level. In the decade that he has been with Unicity, he has successfully managed some of the company’s largest and most complicated markets. Because of Mr. Kim’s contribution, Unicity International has experienced significant growth and expansion.

Daniel Hughes
Chief Operating Officer

Dan Hughes joined Unicity in 2008 as part of the operations team, and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer in Asia Pacific. Previous to joining Unicity, Mr. Hughes was an engineer for Boeing Commercial Aircraft.

Mr. Hughes is currently responsible for all finance and operations in Unicity’s Asia Pacific markets, which includes finance and inventory management. He is also involved with opening new local markets, interacting with local leaders, and other market support.

Clayton Barton
Senior Vice President Americas

Clayton Barton joined Unicity in 2009 as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining Unicity, Mr. Barton spent his career in the printing industry where he held Sales, Operations, and General Management positions with three different companies, including the world’s largest international printing company, QuebecorWorld.

He has been responsible for Operations and Sales Management in various divisions throughout the United States and supervised major projects in Canada and Mexico.