Power Burn

Power Burn

Boost up your metabolic rate and step up your body’s calorie burning with Unicity’s Power Burn.

An effective blend of Brazilian yerba mate, black tea, guarana, and chromium keeps you energized and promotes thermogenesis for consistent calorie-burning though the day.


Take 3 capsules with breakfast, and 3 capsules with lunch. Consume no more than 6 capsules a day. It is recommended to consume Power Burn in the day so as to not affect sleep schedule.


Vitamin C, Chromium, Power Burn Blend, Burn Enhancer Blend, Activator Blend, Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide. Contains Almonds.

How Does POWER BURN Benefit You

Cacao fruit extract and almond help reduce appetite and food cravings

Supports weight loss by boosting metabolism through thermogenesis