The genes inside you drive every chemical reaction in your body, including how your skin is replenished. Not only does Neigene Body Oil provide the moisture and nutrients your skin needs, but with Unicity’s Genomeceutical technology, it works all the way down into your DNA.

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Why Use Oil?

The oils in Neigene Body Oil are lightweight and when applied to the skin are quickly absorbed leaving a soft silky feel. These skin-soothing oils and extracts encourage skin hydration and moisture retention while antioxidants support skin health with a bright healthy glow. This uniquely versatile formula can also be applied to the face for a healthy looking radiant sheen as well as to hair to help smooth and restore vitality.


Head to Toe

Our new Neigene Body Oil is more advanced and innovative than any other moisturizer. This total-moisturizing solution can be used on frizzy hair, your face and body, and it’s especially effective on sensitive, flaky or dry skin – like your elbows, knees and heels.

3 Key Ingredients

Neigene Body Oil utilizes our new Genomeceutical Technology by using an ingredient blend of Tiger Nut oil, squalene, and grape seed oil that contain compounds that help to maintain health of the chemical switches (i.e. genes) in the skin responsible for hydration, elasticity, cell membrane permeability, trans-epidermal water loss, and many other features.

Tiger Nut

Tiger Nut



Grape Seed

Grape Seed


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