• Mr. Park, Jin Hee


    Royal Crown Diamond

    Mr. Jin Hee Park has been at the forefront of the tremendous growth Unicity has experienced in Korea. His partnership with Unicity has not only helped him develop into a passionate leader, but has also allowed him to help thousands of others achieve success as well.

    One of the first Unicity distributors to reach the rank of Crown Diamond, his drive has always been to help others. He said, “Success is in our reach. And the little things you do will bring success even closer.”

    His business continues to grow due to a strong foundation of teamwork, communication, and trust.

    Ms. Park, Mi Ju


    Royal Crown Diamond

    Ms. Mi Ju Park of Korea knows how to work hard and work smart, and her achievements with Unicity reflect that. Mi Ju quickly worked her way up to Unicity’s highest rank of Royal Crown Diamond. Looking back, Mi Ju doesn’t believe she could have accomplished as much as she did without her immense drive and dedication to her work.

    “Sometimes when people want to achieve a higher rank, they put themselves into a mold that they think will help them advance, but instead they need to expand their efforts and past experiences,” she said.



    Royal Crown Diamond

    Yeong-Ha understands the necessity of paving her own way, but she also follows the system Unicity has in place. She firmly believes that in order to achieve the rank advancements others have obtained, one has to be willing to go through the same steps. Yeong-Ha knows that everyone encounters challenges, but she also says that there are no shortcuts in the business.

    “Franchise Partners will experience success at different levels and at different times, but when people don’t see success at all, it is because they did not accurately follow the system already set in place,” she said.

  • Mrs. Rasa Comeban


    Crown Diamond

    Mrs. Rasa Comeban came from humble beginnings to become Unicity’s first distributor to reach the rank of Crown Diamond. Her success has allowed her to take care of her family and build a tremendous team with members who are also seeing great success.

    Perhaps most notably, Rasa bought a hotel—Rasa Boutique Hotel—in her native Thailand after reaching the rank of Crown Diamond. It’s a place where family, friends, and others can gather to enjoy the luxury of the hotel and the company of one another.

    At the 2012 Global Leadership Convention in Korea, she said, “Success can be passed down to those we sponsor. My dream is for all of us to share the dream together.”

    Mrs. Lee, Jin Ok & Mr. Kim, Gi Jun


    Crown Diamond

    Mrs. Jin Ok Lee and Mr. Gi Jun Kim attribute their success to hard work, lots of practice, and helping leaders work together. Jin Ok has always been impressed with Unicity’s passion and willingness to help others succeed.

    After achieving the rank of Crown Diamond, she told the thousands gathered in Korea at the 2012 Global Leadership Convention, “The first thing on our mind when we open our eyes in the morning is success.”

    She feels a positive and determined mindset has helped her find so much success with Unicity. She continues to help others on her team work hard and practice, so they may find the success they’re looking for.

    Mr. Rick Jordan


    Crown Diamond

    After sitting on the board of directors of a company involved in network marketing, Mr. Rick Jordan decided he wanted to join the business as a distributor. He reviewed many companies and decided to join Unicity in January of 1993.

    Rick became Unicity’s first North American Crown Diamond, and he also runs several other successful businesses.

    “To live your dreams you must create your vision, have passion for your vision, articulate your vision, and then relentlessly pursue your vision to completion,” he said. “It may be difficult at times and people might discourage you; but when it gets hard you have to still look toward your vision and complete it.”



    Crown Diamond

    Ms. Eun-Ju started as a Unicity Franchise Partner like anyone else, and her business wasn’t always busy. She started out slowly, and she even had years where her business didn’t grow at all. But instead of giving up on her dreams because she didn’t see immediate results, Eun-Ju worked through the obstacles in her path.

    “People sometimes ask me why I stayed in the business for so long without having much success,” she said. “I guess it wasn’t that hard for me, since I’ve always had big dreams.”

  • Mr. Jim Fobair


    Triple Diamond

    Mr. Jim Fobair has an extensive history in the network marketing industry, and has served as a distributor, consultant, teacher, and mentor. His wisdom, experience, and willingness to help has helped him achieve such great success.

    He’s built two separate million-member downlines in the past, and is on his way to doing it again with Unicity as a Triple Diamond. His simple, replicable system has helped countless people find success with Unicity and build their own teams. His insights and experience make him a valuable member of the Unicity team.

    Mr. Lee, Kyong Ho & Ms. Kim, Suk Ja


    Triple Diamond

    An old expression says that wise birds select the trees they use to build their nests, and Mr. Kyong-Ho Lee took that philosophy to heart when he decided to join Unicity as a distributor.

    Before Unicity, Kyong-Ho had leadership experience from working as a manager at a leading enterprise company, but Unicity encouraged him to work for the success of others as well. He really saw his business take off when his own wife partnered with him, and they each put their talents and skills to work.

    “I saw a breakthrough in my business when my wife Suk-Ja Kim joined in with me,” he said. “We each have different abilities that contribute to the business so well. I’m more about the strategy, and my wife excels with working with groups and building close relationships.”

    MR. Phartchai Rueansit


    Triple Diamond

    Mr. Phartchai Rueansit grew up in the northern part of Thailand, in Chiangrai. He earned his Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration and had a successful career in the public sector with the Ministry of Public Health.

    But he didn’t want to stop there; he wanted to extend his dream to do something more. Unicity was that opportunity to do more and to achieve even greater success.

    For him, his goal is to live his dreams, and he’s currently living many of them. He has helped his family live a prosperous life—bringing them pride and financial freedom.

    “Think differently and you will see what others can’t see,” he said. “Your life is what you choose for yourself.”

    Mr. Aaron Webber


    Triple Diamond

    Mr. Aaron Webber is not new to direct sales. In fact, he’s been in the industry for more than 30 years—including working on the corporate side. Eventually, he decided it was time for him to leave corporate life to become a Unicity distributor.

    Throughout his life, he’s studied the psychological and sociological factors that impact spending decisions, motivation, and peoples’ choices and actions—which has helped him grow his business.

    Aaron believes everyone should be their own wellspring of inspiration, setting and achieving their own meaningful milestones along their personal road to success. Help from the outside is part of the process, but the drive has to come from within.



    Triple Diamond

    Distributor Mr. Jin-Seong Lee calls himself “the first distributor of Unicity Korea,” and his title comes with good reason. Many leaders were created because of Jin-Seong’s support, and many more distributors will continue to improve because of him. Members of his organization advance because rather than trying to stay on top, Jin-Seong celebrates their rank advancements.

    “There are six leaders I signed up who have already passed ahead of me,” he said. “My first focus is the success of my partners because I think it’s an important aspect of this business. They are people who have really joined with me and are committed to Unicity.”

  • Mrs. Park, Ok Sun & Mr. Jung, Chang Gyo


    Double Diamond

    Mrs. Ok Sun Park had worked in the network marketing industry for a long time and was well aware of its visions. However, it was while worrying about her husband’s health that she came to know Unicity and our products. She quickly learned to trust and believe in Unicity’s philosophy and joined. Ok Sun believes in Unicity’s vision to make life better and has focused her efforts on helping others become great leaders.

    She declared, “I will try to do my best to introduce Unicity and its products to people, and to be a good role model so that many people can make their lives better with Unicity.”

    Ms. Jan Bloom


    Double Diamond

    Ms. Jan Bloom is a mother of two and has a background in the healthcare industry, making her partnership with Unicity a perfect match. The medical practitioner side of her took an immediate, passionate liking to the Unicity products. She poured her heart into her new business and into anyone who wanted to be a leader on her team. Now, more than a decade after she joined, Jan was one of the first to achieve the rank of Double Diamond in North America.

    Jan loves what she does, and she continues to follow Unicity’s motto to Make Life Better for those she recruits and everyone she meets.

    Mr. Alex Krause


    Double Diamond

    For many years Mr. Alex Krause’s only focus was to earn as much money as possible. However, he realized there was more to life and decided it was time for a change. His new mission would be based on developing a business that is meaningful, sustainable, and most of all enjoyable.

    As one of the first Unicity distributors in Europe, Alex saw tremendous success and achieved the rank of Double Diamond in 2008. Today, he loves spending time with people who seek the opportunity to turn their lives into a masterpiece.

    He says, “We act in concert and stand up for our common cause: To support people in building up a new and secure career. Make a masterpiece of your life.”

    Ms. Jansakorn Janesutamma


    Double Diamond

    Before joining Unicity, Ms. Janakorn Janesuthamma dreamed of being a leader and of having real freedom in life. When she discovered Unicity and became familiar with her upline, she began to understand how she could follow their patterns of success and create her own.

    “With my former occupation, I couldn’t fulfill my dreams,” she said. “I wanted to have greater pride for my family, but moving up wasn’t easy. But when I met Unicity, I saw that I had to chase my dreams. I’m so proud of the success I have today, and I’m even more proud to know that I achieved it all on my own.”

    Mr. Daniel Mueller


    Double Diamond

    Mr. Daniel Mueller became acquainted with the network industry when he was just 24 years old. He joined Unicity in 2002 as one of the first distributors in Europe. By 2008, he had become one of Unicity’s first distributors to reach the rank of Double Diamond.

    Daniel’s passion is for introducing others to the Unicity business opportunity, emphasizing the low risk and unlimited income.

    He said, “You are not only responsible for what you are doing, but also for what you are not doing. So live and enjoy every day as it was your last.”

    Mr. Phawadon Nasareerut


    Double Diamond

    Mr. Phawadon Nasareerut worked an ordinary job before he joined Unicity as a Franchise Partner. It was enough to get by, but not enough to get ahead. Phawadon was introduced to Unicity by Crown Diamond Dr. Rasa Comeban. His initial goal when signing up with the company was to get himself out of debt as well as repay his mother.

    Now, Phawadon’s achievements within the company grant him greater freedom of time, and he is finally in a financial state where he’s no longer in debt. Now Phawadon earns more money a month than he even could have imagined. He said, “I figured that it would be better to work hard for a relatively short period and enjoy my life free from financial burdens than what I was doing. Now I love my income, free time, and my health!”

    Mr. Todd Smith


    Double Diamond

    Before joining Unicity Mr. Todd Smith successfully ran a few different businesses but he was unhappy with the lack of freedom that came with the success. He wanted a higher quality of life for him and his family, so he began searching for a new opportunity.

    Todd says Unicity was “the best opportunity to achieve my dreams and goals while helping other people achieve their dreams and goals.” That vision has come true for him.

    Todd has achieved monumental success with Unicity. Of course, it took hard work and dedication. He emphasizes that while success doesn’t come easily, and certainly doesn’t happen quickly, it is worth it.