No matter where you live, how affluent your residing location can be  – we can no longer escape the effect of air pollution. It is all around us. Ultra-fine, microscopic pollutants can slip into our homes, and more severely; it by passes our body’s defense mechanism. It can now penetrate deep into our respiratory circulatory system causing long term damage to our lungs, heart and brain.

“Nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills 7 million people every year.” – WHO

The impact of air pollution is serious. Its detrimental effect led to one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease. This is as though having an equivalent effect to smoking tobacco, and much higher than, say, the effects of eating too much salt.


Air pollutants are invasive due to its size – especially those within 2.5 micrometer (PM2.5). Industry emission,  domestic waste burning, cigarette smoke, construction activities and high traffic emit pollutants are small enough to fall under the Particulate Matter (PM) category. To achieve well-rounded protection, simply combine a high quality face mask (UNIMASK) and indoor air filter (Bios Life Air) for clean, pure air at all times.

IS N95?

According to FDA, N95 indicates a facial fitting mask – efficient in filtering airborne particles. N95 masks have to undergo careful testing to ensure at least 95% test particles are properly filtered out. Most N95 mask only filters non-oil based particulate. However, are all N95 masks created the same?


UNIMASK is the first N95 haze mask  infused with carbon and chlorophyll powder. The synergistic effect of activated carbon & sodium copper chlorophyllin eliminates harmful toxins & heavy metals effectively which can be missed by a normal N95 mask.

UNIMASK, packed with natural antitoxin nutrients is also a great alternative for individuals who have upper respiratory conditions (cough, flu, sinus etc).

Unimask protects you; Safeguards your family

When an individual catches a cold, the natural protective nutrients can safeguard the user from external pollutants, which can further aggravate the respiratory system. When used in conjunction with Bios life Air, harmful air-borne particles will be removed from our surroundings – preventing viruses from spreading to our loved ones. 


  • PP Nonwoven Fabric is an ecofriendly material, providing excellent ventilation & filtration properties.
  • Its lightweight material also keeps breathing environment dry & cool, providing maximum user comfort.
  • 4-layer, superior filtration effectively removes PM2.5 ultrafine, hazardous pollutants.
  • Activated Carbon and Chlorophyll component eliminates harmful toxins, absorbs stubborn & unpleasant odours.

  • Utilizes cutting edge technology Core Filtration material FFP2 (Filtering Face Piece 2). Performs at the highest efficiency rate & provides >90% protection from pollutants.
  • Embedded with Ecotech Smooth Valve, providing improved air circulation. The smooth valve also eliminates excess heat & humidity for best breathing experience.
  • Ergonomic design of UNIMASK provides the right fitting to individuals of all face sizes. A flexible nose clip with a sponge cushion provides added wearing comfort.
  • Removes oil and non-oil based particulates.



Standard N95 Mask

  • Single Layer Protection
  • No Nutritional Component
  • Only filters non oil particles
  • No exhalation valve
  • Humidity and heat build up
  • May not filter stubborn odours
  • May not provide exact fit


  • 4 Layer Protection
  • Carbon and Chlorophyll
  • Filters Oil & non-oil particles
  • Ecotech Smooth Flow Valve
  • Effective air & humidity circulation
  • Able to filter off stubborn odours
  • Ergonomic structure, flexible



Before using UNIMASK, one must ensure:

  • Type of contaminant(s) for which respirator is being selected
  • The concentration level of contaminant(s)
  • Whether the respirator is fitted properly on wearer’s face
  • Do not wash mask. Dispose and replace a new mask.

Usage 1- 3 days. More frequent change of mask is required for:

  • High pollution levels
  • High heat & humidity levels
  • Persons with high perspiration rate (Sweats easily)
  • Persons with upper respiratory conditions (Cough, flu etc)
  • High accumulation of particles on mask.
  • Wearer who starts experiencing breathing discomfort after repetitive use

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