Prescribers’ Digital Reference

Unicity’s scientific rigor has allowed us to list 17 products (and counting) in the Prescribers’ Digital Reference (PDR) – the drug and wellness directory most commonly used by physicians.

In fact, Unicity was twice as many products listed in the PDR, as compared to any other nutraceutical company in the same field.

List of PDR Products

  • Bios Life S
  • Bios Life C Plus
  • Bios Life E
  • Bios 7
  • Bio C
  • Bios Life Vision Essentials
  • Cardio-Essentials
  • Core Health
  • Immunizen/Colostrum Plus
  • Join Mobility/Collaflex
  • Omega Life-3 Resolve/Omega Life-3
  • Probionic/Probionic Plus
  • CoQ10
  • Unimate
  • Unimate Fuel Caramel/Original Flavour
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