2018 Physicians’ Desk Reference

Scientifically Proven Products

Each of Unicity’s products are subject to meticulous research and development, and several are listed in the prestigious Physician’s Desk Reference-a resource used often by doctors to learn about prescription drugs and clinically proven alternative

Unicity has also collaborated with major medical institutions including: The Cleveland Clinic, The American Heart Association, University of Utah, University of Minnesota, and Columbia University.

Unicity’s products provide range of benefits-from weight loss and heart health to bone strength and vision support-and can be recommended with cinfidende to anyone. Hundreds of doctors, surgeons, and healthcare professionals recommend Unicity products to patients every day.

List of 2018 PDR Products

  • Bios Life C
  • Bios Life S
  • Bios Life E
  • Bio-C
  • Unicity CM Cream
  • Colla Flex
  • OmegaLife-3 Resolv
  • Probionic
  • Colostrum Plus
  • KKLIU 1359/2020
  • KKLIU 1618/2020
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