What is GENOMECEUTICAL™ Technology?

GENOMECEUTICAL™ is an advanced Unicity technology that merges “Genome” and “Nutraceuticals.” The human genome represents our genes, the DNA that impacts all vital processes in the body. Nutraceuticals are ingredients derived from food sources, offering health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Together, GENOMECEUTICAL™ is cutting-edge technology that harnesses plant sources to positively influence gene expressions.

  Genes operate like switches, sending different messages depending on whether they are in the on or off position. Over time, the communication between our genes and the body functions breaks down. Bad habits, environmental factors, stress, and improper sleep can all contribute to the breakdown.

  Leveraging the power of botanicals, GENOMECEUTICAL™ extracts key nutrient compounds from plants that have been linked to maintaining the overall health of genes. When we talk about GENOMECEUTICAL™ technology, we are referring to products that have a high concentration of ingredients that positively affect gene expression.

  At Unicity Science, we are actively studying plant compounds that promote healthy genes, and we are including them in our products. Alongside our team of scientists, let’s embark on this journey together as you navigate through your path towards health and wellness.

Genes in the brain act as chemical switches. When there is poor brain balance these genes or ‘switches’ become stuck,
impeding proper expression.

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