CM Plex Cream

Quadplex is full of the ingredients that will help your body stay strong—including 25 grams of 100% whey protein per serving and 15 vitamins and minerals.



CM Cream supports joint health with a proprietary blend of cetyl myristate, cetyl myristoleate, and other cetylesters. CM Cream supports overall joint health and allows you to live the kind of lifestyle you want. The compounds in CM Cream have been shown to hydrate the joints and maintain mobility.

• Supports joint health.

• Helps support mobility.

• Provides additional moisturizing benefits.

• Helps the body support a more active lifestyle.

  • Meal replacement

    Serves as a complete meal replacement.

  • Vitamins

    Provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Protein

    Provides 20 grams of protein.


  • Mix

    Mix 2 scoops of Complete with water or milk.

  • Drink

    Drink as a meal-replacement shake.

  • Repeat

    For best results, use the 4-4-12 rule.


Apply topical cream to affected
joints 3-4 times daily.


3-4 times daily.