What we see is what it is. But, this is not true when it comes to the pollutants that exist inside our homes. There are particles so minute that can do more harm to our health than what we can imagine.

PM 2.5 particles are 40 times smaller than the hair on our heads, and these are the main pollutants found outside and also inside houses. Along with PM 2.5, other minute particles like allergens, pet hair, smoke, etc. may adversely affect the health of the people residing in that home. We would have come across at least one person who keeps complaining about their recurring allergies and was never able to identify the source of it. The main culprit for such persistent allergies is the PM 2.5 particles that originate from outdoor sources (burning domestic waste, vehicle and industry chimney emissions, etc.) entering our homes and circulating inside. These particles may accumulate in the lungs over time and give rise to various pulmonary ailments and allergies.

Purification process:
Unicity BiosLife Air has the best in technology that air purifiers have to offer you.
The device is equipped with a 2 stage filtration process that filters 99.95% of the particles up to 0.3 microns in size. When the equipment draws in air, the first stage of filtration occurs at the PRE-FILTER which traps the larger particles like hair, lint, fur, etc. From here the polluted air passes through the COMPOSITE FILTER comprising of a ‘HEPA 13 equivalent’ (More powerful than HEPA) filter and a layer of Activated Carbon. The rest of the particulate matters that are several micrometers small in size get trapped in this stage, after which the clean, filtered air gets pushed out of the BiosLife Air unit. The negative ion generator emits charged ions in the room, which bonds with the odor molecules and thus reduces it, and also freshens the air.

Display unit and light indicators:
ON/ OFF Button:
The basic function of switching ON or switching OFF the unit can be done with the help of this button.

With this setting, you can set the working time for the device from 1 hour to 8 hours. When the time elapses, the device will shut off automatically.

Wind Speed:
By pressing this button, you can adjust the wind speed manually.

AUTO Mode:
While in AUTO mode, the device will measure the air quality of the room and adjust the wind speed. It is always suggested to leave the device in automatic mode, as in this setting the unit will take care of the filtration process by itself.

The BiosLife Air has a light indicator on the front panel which indicates the fan speed. This, in turn, is dependent on the quality of air in the room.
The PM 2.5 level reading or the quality of air in the room is displayed on the LCD panel located at the top of the unit:

GOOD: 0-75
MODERATE: 75-150
BAD: More than 150

Light indicator:
Green Light – Low wind speed. When the air quality is good, the unit will operate at low fan speed.

Yellow Light – Medium wind speed. When the quality of air in the room worsens slightly (LCD indicates above 75), the unit will automatically increase the fan speed until the air quality improves, and the reading shows 75.

Red Light – High wind speed. When the quality of air in the room turns bad (LCD indicates above 150), the unit will increase the fan speed until the air quality improves, and the reading shows 150.

Below 150, the red light turns yellow, and the fan speed reduces until the LCD indicates 75. Below 75, the light turns green, the fan speed further reduces to the lowest wind speed, and the LCD drops to the lowest possible reading, and stabilizes.

Sleep mode:
When the sleep mode is activated, the device will work at low-speed, and the screen and indicator buttons will dim. The sleep mode can be activated for a maximum of 8 hours.

Child Lock:
When this function is activated, the control panel buttons are deactivated.

Negative Ion Function:
This function enables the release of negative ions into the air for maximum purification efficiency.

Filter Reset:
When the COMPOSITE FILTER has reached the end of its service life and needs to be replaced with a new one, this indicator light will glow.

* Maintenance frequency estimates are calculated based on 8 daily hours of low-speed purification. The data is based on the use of low-grade purification speed, 8 hours per day. Actual frequency may vary based on duration of use, settings, and the working environment.

Note: If the device’s motor stops working or if wind speed involuntary decreases, check if the filter screen needs to be replaced.

Drinking clean water has been a priority for you.
Now you can make breathing clean air a priority too.
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