Family Pack

Unicity’s Family Pack is designed to provide every member of your family, with the ultimate health solution.


The Formula For Overall Family Health

The Unicity Family Pack includes products that have been scientifically formulated to support and help your entire family to achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Balance

    Unicity Balance

    Lowers the glycemic index of food you eat

    Maintains healthy cholesterol levels

    Maintains healthy triglyceride levels

    Manages your appetite naturally

    Acts as probiotic

    B-Vitamin Complex – required by the body for energy production

  • Unicity Calcium Magnesium Complex

    Unicity Calcium Magnesium Complex

    Supports complete bone fortification, around the clock

    Provides a blend of minerals ideal for supporting bone health

    Reduces the chances of osteoporosis

    Calcium and magnesium helps in regulating the heart beat

    Zinc along with other minerals helps in providing strength to immune system

    Helps regulating protein synthesis, thyroid hormone function and insulin action

    Provides adequate amount of calcium, magnesium and zinc required for teens, young adults and post-menopausal women

  • Unicity Lean Complete

    Unicity Lean Complete

    Provides 10 grams of protein per serving of 22 grams

    Unique protein matrix, with 3 different types of good quality protein with PDCAAS 1.0

    High protein, low carbohydrate complete meal replacement

    Helps body preserve lean muscle mass and draw extra energy from fat reserve

  • Unicity Activate

    Unicity Activate

    Supports colon and liver

    Keeps you active, alert and fresh

    Fat mobilization and boosts metabolism

    Increases bioavailability of other nutrients from supplement or food

  • Unicity Premium Super Chlorophyll

    Unicity Premium Super Chlorophyll

    Balances the pH of the body

    Detoxifies and cleanses the body

    Is an anti-microbial agent

    Helps to heal wounds faster

    Helps to build immunity

    Helps to fight free radicals – antioxidant properties

  • Unicity Bios Life Slim

    Unicity Bios Life Slim

    Improves Cholesterol levels

    Improves fat burning

    Gives a sense of fullness

    Sustain healthy blood sugar levels

    Lowers glycemic index of food

  • Unicity Kiddo

    Unicity Kiddo

    Ideal for growing children

    Balanced nutrition for children

    Vita-mineral forte (enriched with the power of 28 vitamins and minerals)

    Green goodness (fruits and vegetables extracts)




Real PRODUCTS, Real Results

Family Pack