Stay at the top of your health with a well-conditioned immune system, supported with Immunizen. Protect your cells with antioxidants, while boosting immunity with essential vitamins and minerals.

Immunizen also enhances your body’s immune cells (macrophage) in digesting microscopic foreign material, clearing your system from harmful debris and invaders.


  • Contains Arabinogalactan, colostrum, lactoferrin, and 1,3 1,6 Beta glucan that are beneficial for health and strengthen the body’s natural protection
  • The tablets are packed cold, with no chemicals to retain nutrients
  • Colostrum is rich in nutrients and active ingredients in colostrum helps the body’s immune system and increases body endurance naturally
  • Lactoferrin contains antioxidant properties
  • 1.3 1.6 Beta Glucan serves to stimulate the body’s cells


Take 2 capsules once daily with water, 1-2 hours before a meal.For additional support, take 6 capsules daily for 10 days as needed.