If you want to have a full life, you need to eat right! Between work, family and hobbies, there is often little time to ensure that you have balanced, healthy and nutritious meals. Unicity Complete™ is the solution. This nutritious shake is prepared in a few moments and is packed with valuable protein, fibre and a daily dose of important vitamins and minerals. The perfect start to a day full of action! Unicity Complete has a delicious vanilla taste and is also available in a vegan version.



Proteins are the most important building blocks of our body. They play a key role in maintaining and building our muscles and many vital metabolic processes. This is why a sufficient supply of proteins is of crucial importance for our health. Proteins consist of amino acids, some of which the body can only get through food. So it also matters what proteins you are eating!

Unicity Complete offers a combination of high-quality proteins. It will keep you full longer and provide you with the energy you need for a successful day and an effective workout – the prerequisite for successful weight management.


  • Meal replacement

    Serves as a complete meal replacement.

  • Vitamins

    Provides 100% of the recommended daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Protein

    Provides 20 grams of protein.


Premium Protein Blend: Proteins with different digestive time supply your body with long-lasting energy

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin and Mineral Blend: 100% of the recommended daily intake of many important vitamins and minerals

Digestive health

Natural fibres: Enhance satiety and promote digestive health


Convenient, tasty, nutritious: Unicity Complete is perfect for everyone who has a lot on their plate in everyday life and who values a healthy and balanced diet.

In addition, the high-protein Complete Shake supports weight management – always in combination with sports and a balanced diet. For an even better result, stick to the Unicity 4-4-12 rule. Take a break of at least 4 hours between meals during the day, during which you consistently eat nothing! Also make sure that there are at least 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. These intervals optimize fat burning!

Unicity Complete is also ideal for athletes who need a lot of protein for the build-up and regeneration of muscles. Vitamins and minerals also play an important role in physical fitness.


  • Mix

    Mix 2 scoops of Complete with water or milk.

  • Drink

    Drink as a meal-replacement shake.

  • Repeat

    For best results, use the 4-4-12 rule.


Mix two measuring spoons with 230 ml water, low-fat milk or vegetable milk.


Stir or shake well and drink immediately.


Enjoy the shake once a day.


Unicity Complete Vanilla is already delicious on its own. But if you want a little variety in your glass, get creative! The subtle vanilla taste is the perfect base for 1001 shake and smoothie variations. For a particularly powerful shake, you can also combine Unicity Complete with other Unicity products!

Green Tea Vanilla Energy: 2 scoops Vanilla Complete + 180 ml water + 2 cups ice + 1 sachet Unicity Matcha.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake: 2 scoops Vanilla Complete + 4-6 large ice cubes + 240 ml milk + 1 tsp cocoa (unsweetened)+ 2 tsp peanut butter.
Vitamin boost: 2 scoops Vanilla Complete + 4-6 large ice cubes + 240 ml milk + ½ cup berries + handful of spinach + 1 scoop LiFibre.
Apple Pie Smoothie: 2 scoops Vanilla Complete + 4-6 large ice cubes + 240 ml milk + 1 medium apple Apfel +1/2 tsp cinnamon.



Complete Vanilla has been included in the renowned Cologne List® – ideal for competitive athletes who want to ensure that their protein shake contains no banned substances!


How many servings are included in a container Vanilla Complete?

A container Vanilla Complete or Vanilla Vegan Complete contains approximately 30 portions, enough for one month.

How much Vanilla Complete do I need for one serving?

For one serving of the delicious Complete Vanilla Shake you need 2 scoops of Complete and 230 – 250 ml milk, plant-based milk or water.

Which types of sugar are included in Complete Vanilla and Complete Vegan Vanilla?

Complete Vanilla contains 3g fructose per serving; Complete Vegan Vanilla contains Stevia and concentrated Luo Han Juice as sweeteners.

Can I use the product to gain weight?

Complete contains valuable protein which. can be used in conjunction with appropriate exercise for gains in muscle mass. We would recommend that anyone looking for personalized recommendations for their weight discuss the use of nutritional supplements with their personal physician.

Can I combine Complete Vanilla with other Unicity products?

Of course! To make your Unicity Complete Shake even more effective, you can for example add more fiber with LiFiber. Combine Complete with Unicity Matcha and you get a great energy shake!

Is Unicity Complete suitable for children? Starting at what age?

Our products are formulated for adult use and have not been studied for use in children. For this reason, we cannot recommend them for children.