Skin Care


NEIGENE™ Treatment Essence

  • Helps lock in moisture in the skin
  • Works as a sealant and aids in keeping makeup in place
  • Provides protection from the environment
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NEIGENE™ Concentrated illuminating Serum

  • Helps improve appearance of skin
  • Aids in cleansing and brightening skin
  • Keeps the skin hydrated with moisturizing Ophiopogon Japonicus Root
  • Helps maintain the epidermal barrier function
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NEIGENE™ Collagen Plus

  • Promotes healthier skin from within
  • Supports skin elasticity and smoothness
  • Improves moisture content of the skin
  • Helps protect from environmental elements such as UV rays and free radicals
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NEIGENE™ Luxe Ultra Creamy Cleanser

  • Ideal for dry or sensitive skin
  • Provides quality cleansing while moisturizing the skin
  • Uses licorice root and apple extracts to help increase the skin’s natural hydration
  • Ingredients reduce the discomfort sometimes associated with cleansing
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NEIGENE™ Hydro Restorative Emulsion

  • Supports hydration and longevity for skin
  • Pure plant extracts work to promote radiance and rejuvenation in the skin
  • Beta glucan and dandelion help cleanse the skin and provide antioxidant support
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NEIGENE™ Intensive Recovery Night Cream

  • Works while you sleep
  • Promotes elasticity in the skin surface
  • Combines peptide technology with liposomal actives to make skin appear hydrated and rejuvenated
  • Helps support healthy clear skin
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