Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I become a Unicity Franchise Partner?
(upgrade or enroll)

Joining the Unicity family is easy!

• If you are new to Unicity, you can enroll as Franchise Partner at

• If you are a Unicity member, you can upgrade at

We may request an initial registration fee (€26.05 / £29.00 / CHF39.00 excl. VAT), which depends on the value of your first purchase.

How can I cancel my Unicity product subscription in the shop or on

You can cancel your Unicity product subscription at any time. Visit or and click on your name or profile picture. Then you will be able to see your subscription and cancel it. You can find more on how to cancel your Feel Great subscription in this HelpCenter article.

How can I change my subscription?

Visit or and simply click on your name or profile picture. From there, you’ll have access to your subscription details and can make any necessary adjustments. On, you have the option to modify the flavor or quantity of your Feel Great pack, while on, you can not only change the flavor or quantity of your Feel Great pack but also add any other available Unicity products to your order.

How can I track my Unicity order I placed in the shop or on

Unicity works with a number of shipping services, depending on the country you placed your order in. Once your order has been picked up from one of our warehouses, our shipping services offer tracking features for you to check on where your order is at a given point. For more information, please refer to our shipping information.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

Unicity works with a number of shipping services, depending on the country where you placed your order in. For more information on the delivery time, please refer to our shipping information. In the library.

How long does it take to get a refund? (5-10 days)

In accordance with the Unicity Return Policy, you are entitled to a refund if you return your order within 14 days of receipt. For more information, see the Unicity Terms and Conditions. Refunds are usually processed within 5-10 days.

Where can I find my ID and where can I find my order number?

Each Franchise Partner has their unique ID-number which is assigned to you when you enroll and sent to you with your welcome email. You can find it by logging into your Unicity Office account using your email address on file with Unicity and your password and then clicking on the profile icon at the top right.

Once you have placed an order with Unicity, you will receive an email with your order confirmation and the order number. You can also find it by logging into the Unicity shop and checking your order.

How can I see if my potential customer’s order has been placed via my referral link?

By logging into your Unicity Office, you’ll notice a section on the right side titled “Recent Activity.” With just one click, you can view the latest updates within your organization, including registrations of individuals you’ve been working with. However, the most effective method to stay informed is by following up or staying in touch directly with those individuals.

I don’t remember my password; how can I get a new one?

You can log into the Unicity Office, the shop and the library with your email address or your Franchise Partner ID and the password you have chosen. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the instructions to set back your old password and create a new one. Password must: Include at least one lowercase letter (a-z), be a minimum of 8 characters, include at least one number (0-9), include at least one special character (!…*) & include at least one uppercase letter (A-Z).

How can I share the Feel Great link?

Each Distributor has a link available on the Referral Links page of Unicity Office. When potential customer opens your referral link, it will show them the most appropriate version of based on their location and language. This means you can share the same link with all your potential customers regardless of their location and language. While sharing a link with someone is beneficial, what truly matters is being there for the person and demonstrating genuine interest. One effective method is to follow up by asking questions and showing that the individual’s concerns and successes are valued.

You can find your personal Feel Great Referral link in the Unicity Office under “Referral links”. You can also follow the instructions of this HelpCenter article.

How can I make sure that my customers will be sent the regular Feel Great emails at the beginning?

As soon as you sign up a new member and they agree to receiving mails by Unicity, they will automatically receive regular emails full of tips and encouragements for their personal Feel Great journey. Please note that the Feel Great journey is currently available in English, French and German only.

How can I download my commissions?

Log into the Unicity Office. On the left side of the screen, click on “statements” in the navigation. Download the desired commission statements by clicking on the download symbol on the right of the screen.

Do commission periods end on the last day of the calendar month? (Month End Process)

Please note that the calendar month and the volume month are not identical, which means that commission periods do not end on the last day of the calendar month. In general, Franchise Partners have until the 1st business day of the following month to submit requests for orders to be moved to the previous month which can affect your commissions and rank qualifications.

What is Paylution and how will I get money through it?

Unicity works with paylution, a third-party payment company. Your paylution account is activated once you have earned at least 20 EUR (at once or accumulated).

• You can apply for a paylution debit card, which you can also use as a means of payment (this, however, involves payment fees depending on the currency).

• You can have the commissions transferred from your paylution account to your bank account, if desired automatically. Please note that fees may apply.

• Switzerland: Since a bank transfer from paylution to a Swiss bank account involves very high fees, the payment of commissions in Switzerland is only done by direct transfer. If you do not choose any of the above solutions, your money will remain in your Unicity account and you can use it for future product purchases.

What are Centurion Points (Centurion brochure)?

Centurion is an elite status level to reward Franchise Partners for selling and promoting Feel Great packs. You can earn Centurion points on the Feel Great purchases of your personally enrolled/sponsored members and distributors as well as on the Feel Great purchases by Members that were referred and sponsored by Members you sponsor. Besides, you also earn Centurion points on the Feel Great 10-packs you purchased. Find out more on the Centurion status in the Centurion Club brochure.

The centurion count showing in my Unicity Office is incorrect!

Please allow for some time between ordering and updating your Centurion counter for checking and processing.

What strategies can I use to grow my business and increase my sells?

As a direct sales company, Unicity prides itself on the fact that authentic personal relationships are at the center of everything we do. The main strategy for business success is sharing and caring – share the Unicity products and the business opportunity with others and help them succeed. For more information on business building, please refer to the Unicity Onboarding Guide and the Unicity compensation plan in the library as well as the Unicity Planner in the shop.

How can I can use social media for business building?

Social media is perfect for sharing Feel great and all things Unicity with others! For more information, please look up the Sharing Social Stories Guidelines and the Unicity Onboarding Guide in the library.

I would like to participate in a Unicity Reward Trip, how do I qualify?

Unicity incentive trips are always to amazing locations across the globe, and other rewards are well worth the effort it takes to qualify. If you want the chance to experience once-in-a-lifetime adventures abroad and to maximize your earning potential, Unicity can help you get there. You can find the latest qualification criteria in the library under the “Event” section.