Why You Need a Cleanse

The holidays don’t just bring great music, cold weather, and time with loved ones – they also bring delicious meals and treats! It’s unavoidable. When we think about the holidays we usually think of weight gain, but it’s important to consider how the sugary treats affect your gut health as well.

When we consume a lot of sugar, we increase the number of BAD bacteria in our gut. Why does that matter? When we have too much bad bacteria in our gut, the GOOD bacteria can’t flourish like it should. It’s not the most glamorous topic, but the large intestine is one of the most diverse and metabolically active organs in our bodies. If you want to improve your digestion and absorption of food, your immune system, manage your appetite, and more – you’ve got to improve your gut health.


A perfect way to re-start your digestive system for the new years is to CLEANSE. The Unicity Cleanse contains LiFiber, Paraway Plus, and Nature’s Tea (tea bag) or Aloe Vera (capsule pills) to form a perfect 3-part re-boot for your system. These products cleanse the gut of bad bacteria that builds up during the sugar-loaded holidays (along with the good bacteria, because there is no way to isolate only the bad in a cleanse.) Once cleansed, the products help to promote healthy bacteria and restart your gut from start to finish. We use Unicity ProBionic to repopulate the gut with GOOD bacteria. ProBionic restores that balance of healthy bacteria to your gut. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also DELICIOUS – but it’s a treat you won’t have to feel guilty about this time!

It’s time to make a decision, do you want to take control of your gut health and start fresh in the new year? Think about the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard on throughout 2017 – make sure you start off on the right foot and take Cleanse and ProBionic for a healthy, brand new gut in 2018.


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