What to Eat Before and After a Workout

When it comes to optimizing workout performance to burn fat, build muscle, and other important hormonal effects – it is crucial to keep a†few things in mind.

What to Eat Before and After a Workout | Unicity

If you prefer to work out early in the morning, donít worry about getting a meal in, especially if youíre interested in burning more fat. While sleeping your body has been using the energy stores in your body to help regulate blood sugar levels. This puts you in a more depleted state, making it more likely for your body to use fat to fuel your workout. This sets you up for having your breakfast as your post-workout meal.

If youíre working out in the afternoon or at night, keep following the directions your coach has given you with the 4-4-12 method, but try to make sure your workout is close to your next meal (lunch or dinner). This way you have given your body ample enough time to absorb the food youíve consumed at breakfast for your body to use during exercise, and complement post workout nutrition.

Take supplements 15-30 minutes before a workout.

Matcha is a great metabolic booster and also supplies you with a great amount of caffeine. Matcha also stimulates fat cells to break up triglycerides into free fatty acids and burn fat during and after a workout.

Unicity Renew for Men and Renew for Women increases vasodilation – which means they open up veins and arteries to support a healthy circulatory system to transport nutrients, increase energy, and improve mental alertness.

These two supplements really pack a punch when it comes to taking your workout experience to the next level and becoming a fat burning machine!

Now that youíve finished your intense exercise and depleted energy stores, itís time to start to recover. This is the most important factor when it comes to your body releasing specific hormones that blunt stress and help build muscle to strengthen your metabolism.

Meal Timing
I would recommend having your next meal within an hour of your workout, that way you can start to blunt the stress hormone and refill stores depleted during your workout, and enhance protein synthesis that is responsible for building muscle.

Food Choices
Your food should consist of mainly protein and complex carbohydrates, fats should be minimal (less than 10g if possible). You want to minimize fat because it competes with carbohydrates, making it more likely for carbs to be stored as fat. Protein helps with the repair process and protein synthesis. Carbohydrates help blunt cortisol (the stress hormone) and refill energy stores in the muscle and liver.

An example meal I would consume is as follows:

  • 6oz Lean Chicken
  • 5oz Sweet Potato
  • Veggies
    *You can add any condiments youíd like on the Transformation approved nutrition list; this is just an idea of what would best help with the recovery process.

Post Workout Supplements
Xxtra QuadPlex is a fast absorbing whey protein that can be taken right after your workout to help your body get started on protein synthesis and the muscle repair process.

Xxtra LowOz is a great supplement that helps replenish electrolytes and is full of antioxidants. It helps combat dehydration and is quickly absorbed by your body. This can also be taken right after a workout.

Xxtra MyoCap helps promote recovery after training, releasing energy for cellular regeneration and providing antioxidants to help fight against free radicals.

When it comes to pre and post workout nutrition it can really make a difference with your exercise, energy, and fat loss.

I hope these tips can bring you more success on your transformation journey!

This article was written by Sean Smith, one of our awesome Unicity Transformation Coaches!


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