What makes Unimate so special?

Unimate helps elevate your day with its beneficial ingredients that work to provide a source of peace, productivity, and happiness. Two key ingredients in Unimate are theobromine and chlorogenic acid. These ingredients are responsible for much of Unimate’s cognitive effect, setting it apart from the metabolic effects of Matcha.

Why are these ingredients so special?

Chlorogenic Acid

Unimate Ingredients Spotlight
Unimate contains chlorogenic acid, an ingredient that is also found in drinks like coffee and green tea. Chlorogenic acid affects your sense of wellbeing, which may be one reason why people feel better after their cup of coffee or green tea.

Because of the unique concentrating and purifying process Unimate goes through, it contains much more chlorogenic acids than other sources: 100 times more chlorogenic acids than a cup of green tea, 60 times more chlorogenic acids than a cup of coffee, and 375 times more chlorogenic acids than yerba mate powder!

Unimate’s chlorogenic acid works with other ingredients to help enhance your mood.


Unimate Ingredients Spotlight
Unimate also contains theobromine, which naturally occurs in chocolate. Theobromine is said to work as a stimulant, but it’s relatively mild effects mean you’ll get the boost without the crash. Rather than a quick burst of energy, Unimate delivers hours of sustained endurance.

Dark chocolate contains around three times more theobromine than milk chocolate. Unimate, however, contains three times the theobromine found in dark chocolate!

The theobromine content in Unimate helps promote your energy and endurance throughout your day.

Experience Unimate’s effects for yourself! Unimate is now available in the Unicity Shop here.

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