Unimate Story: Wilda Plaza

La Vuelta Puerto Rico is a 375-mile cycling event for endurance cyclists. Cyclists in the event circle the entire island of Puerto Rico over the course of three days, making it a grueling ride and one of the top 75 cycling events on the planet. It’s an event that requires strength, endurance, and discipline.

Five years ago, Wilda Plaza watched as a group of cyclists making this difficult ride passed by. As they went on their way, she thought that she’d like to do something like that someday. But at that time, Wilda wasn’t at all ready. As she puts it, “I had neither the condition, nor the power, nor the spirit to ride a bicycle.” So she watched them ride by.

Then, a little over a year ago, Wilda took control of her life. She focused on her health, and she decided to pursue her interest in cycling. Wilda joined the group PowerCad “to learn all about cycling.” Since then, she’s cycled consistently. She’s ridden in races and gone long distances. In fact, Wilda traveled to New York to compete in an international bike race, a 100-mile event called Gran Fondo NY.


While she enjoyed the event, it left her tired and sore, and she took about a month off to recover before she began to ride again.

Then Wilda was introduced to Unimate and heard about “its wonderful effects in high-impact exercises.” She bought Unimate at Unicity’s 2016 Global Convention and began using the product in mid-December.

The effects of Unimate were “more and more surprising” to Wilda. Though she’d been fatigued after her race in New York, her experience with Unimate revitalized her. “I felt so good physically and mentally,” she says, and she decided to do La Vuelta Puerto Rico — the event that had inspired her all those years ago. As Wilda puts it, “I launched myself to do this event of athletes without really being one.”

She began her ride on Friday, January 27. Two days later, on Sunday, January 29, Wilda completed the event successfully. She felt “full of energy,” though she’d just ridden for 375 grueling miles.

Wilda doesn’t watch cyclists ride by anymore — now she’s the one doing the riding. With her determination, her discipline, and her Unimate, Wilda is unstoppable.


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