Unimate Story: Coleen Andruss

Dr. Coleen Andruss, M.D. is no stranger to long days. She’s up every morning at 5 a.m., when most of us are still dreading pressing the snooze button in a couple hours. Four days a week, Coleen is out the door by 5:15 a.m. to exercise before she heads to work. Twice a week, she’s at work by 6:15 a.m. And lest you think these early days mean Coleen gets to head home early, she clarifies that her work days “are very long.” Fridays are her shortest days, with eight-hour shifts. Mondays and Tuesdays are her longest days, with shifts ranging from 14 to 18 hours. She keeps very busy during these shifts. As Coleen describes it, “I am with patients all day long, and then end with at least three to four hours of paperwork at the end of every day.” Coleen is strong enough to power through this difficult schedule, but she admits that there are some days where she is “mentally exhausted.”

With a lifestyle like that, it’s no surprise that Coleen has been a big coffee drinker for much of her life. She began drinking coffee at 18 years old. Since then, “I never went a day without at least one cup of coffee.” Many days she drank more — by her own estimation, Coleen averaged four cups while getting ready in the morning. She made coffee first thing when she got up in the morning, and even used leftover coffee to make her Lean Complete protein shake, instead of water.

Coleen loved her coffee. And for her, it wasn’t just about making it through long days. She was a coffee aficionado. As she says, “I enjoy the taste. I enjoy the hot liquid in my belly. I enjoy the ritual. I enjoy the energy and mental pick-me-up.”

Coleen probably thought her coffee habit would last forever, but Unicity’s Global Convention changed things. When she heard about Unimate, Coleen knew she was going to try it because “I love all of the Unicity products!” She made sure to get some.


Still, Coleen didn’t set out to replace her coffee habit. At first, Coleen tried to add Unimate to her routine after her coffee and before her Matcha. She found, however, that she stopped drinking water because of all the other liquids she was drinking. Coleen knew she wanted to keep drinking Complete and Matcha, and she “felt so good after drinking a cup of hot Unimate,” so she decided to try giving up coffee and started drinking Unimate in the early morning instead. “From then on,” she says, “it was history!”

Gone are the four cups of coffee. Now? “I drink one Unimate every single morning, hot with a little lemon squirt in it.” And with that, “I am ready for my day.”


Coleen loves Unimate just as she used to love her coffee. “I am obsessed!” she says. “I wake up craving this stuff!” And just as she used to enjoy the pick-me-up of coffee, she loves the benefits of Unimate. “I makes me feel alert, motivated, peaceful, and just plain old happy! That sense of wellbeing just simply lasts all day.”

That’s why she recommends Unimate to everyone. As Coleen puts it, “no one should miss out on the opportunity to have that elevated sense of wellbeing from a simple powdered packet mixed with water.” Because as far as she’s concerned, “Unimate is amazing!”

If you’re ready to replace your coffee habit, then give Unimate a try! You might just love it like Dr. Andruss.

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