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Here’s a sentence you’ve almost certainly heard or even said yourself: “I just can’t get by without my daily coffee/soda/energy drink/tea.” People all over the world use drinks to give themselves a pick-me-up and help them power through their days.

Unfortunately, this habit is often an unhealthy one. High calorie counts and surprising sugar content are just the beginning. Many people experience energy crashes, negative effects on their mood, and even addiction to their beverage of choice.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Unicity is delighted to introduce Unimate, a new drink for your daily routine. It’s a three-in-one product, working to support your mood, your energy, and your health.

Unicity Unimate

With Unimate, Unicity combines the best of South American tradition and European science. Our scientists have been intrigued by South America’s traditional yerba mate drink, known for its mood-boosting properties. They’ve developed a proprietary process to take this traditional drink and make it even better, as only Unicity can. Yerba mate from South America is purified by Swiss scientists to bring you Unimate, which is 10 times more effective than traditional mate.

Unimate is formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients so you can enjoy its positive effects without the guilt that other choices often bring. Let Unimate become a part of your daily routine, and enjoy it as a source of peace, productivity, and happiness.

For more information, check out Unimate on our website.

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