Unicity Prime Challenge WINNERS: Q2 – 2016

We are so excited to announce another round of Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge WINNERS! We congratulate everyone who entered the contest and we’re so proud of the hard work that went into these incredible transformations.

Ralph Ford Unicity Prime Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Ralph Ford
After almost 30 years in the structure & discipline of the US Army, Ralph’s transition to corporate America was beginning to take its toll on his health. He gained 60 pounds and began taking medicine for blood pressure and diabetes. Though skeptical at first, Ralph decided to commit to the Unicity Transformation. Before he was halfway through the program, he’d met his goal to lose 30 pounds. At the end of his Transformation he had lost a total of 52.8 pounds in 12 weeks!

Read Ralph’s full story and watch his video spotlight HERE.

Mark Evertsen Unicity Prime Challenge Winner
RUNNER UP: $2,500
Mark Evertsen
It wasn’t until age and years behind a desk began to catch up with Mark that he began to realize he didn’t like the way he looked. He saw others making real lifestyle change and decided to do the Unicity Transformation too. Ultimately, for Mark, it was Coach Ryan that got him through. “Weekly calls to my coach became my saving grace,” he says. The accountability kept him on track, and it also helped him see his progress. With Ryan on his side and a full commitment on his part, Mark found the results he was looking for, “emotionally, mentally, physically.”

Read Mark’s full story HERE.

Dr. Dara Archie Unicity Prime Challenge Runner Up
RUNNER UP: $2,500
Dr. Dara Archie
Dara Archie is no stranger to hard work. Her hard work, for example, got her through medical school and into a successful career as a doctor. So when she knew she needed lose weight, she was ready. Dara was more than willing to put in the work; she just needed some help in meeting her goals, which is what she found in Unicity Transformation. Dara’s hard work has paid off once again. But her results, great as they are for Dara, haven’t just made her own life better. Just as she hoped, “my coworkers and patients see the changes in me and are inspired to do the same.”

Read Dara’s full story HERE.

Suzanne Heninger
Suzanne has dealt with the effects of rheumatoid arthritis for most of her adult life. Despite her arthritis, Suzanne has never been casual about doing what she wants. In the summer of 2011, she decided she wanted improve her health. She completed Transformation and improved her fitness so that she began to compete in triathlons. When Suzanne looks at pictures of herself now, she sees herself as strong and lean—a real athlete. She just turned 53 in June, and she reports that she is in the best physical shape of her life. Suzanne refuses to let rheumatoid arthritis keep her from accomplishing her goals.

Read Suzanne’s full story HERE.

Unicity Prime Challenge Honorable Mention Brandon Parisien

Brandon Parisien
Brandon Parisien’s wake-up call came when he woke up in the hospital because of his drinking. His caught up with his old friend Ryan Ouelette (last round’s Grand Prize Winner) who told him about the Unicity Transformation. Brandon agreed to start the program and it was a turning point from his destructive lifestyle. Brandon has taken control of his life, and the future is looking bright. Looking at himself now—sober, fit, and happy—Brandon says, “I can’t believe how much my life has changed.”

Read Brandon’s full story HERE.

Unicity Prime Challenge 90 Day Plus Diane Forrester
Diane Forrester
At 56 years old, Diane was tired and in pain. She had lost her motivation to work out and eat carefully, and she stopped caring about her appearance and began hiding her body in baggy clothes instead. She embarked on the Unicity Transformation with a goal to regain strength in order for her to play with her grandson energetically. Diane didn’t realize how she’d been inadvertently sabotaging herself by skipping meals and neglecting protein until Coach Morgan educated her. Diane learned all about nutrition and exercise, empowering her to make better decisions for herself.

Read Diane’s full story HERE.

*These results are not typical. Average weight loss is 1-2 lbs per week on the Unicity Transformation.

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