Unicity Prime Challenge WINNERS: Q1 – 2016

We are pleased to announce our newest Prime Challenge contest winners! We applaud everyone who participated this quarter, and encourage all to participate again. If you are interested in the Unicity Transformation Program, sign up here to get started.

Ryan O.
Grand Prize Winner: $5,000

As an active, lightweight boxer, Ryan never thought he would be considered overweight and out of shape. However, this nightmare became a reality after sustaining a severe concussion and being diagnosed with high cholesterol. It was then that Ryan found the Transformation Program where he lost 32 pounds. With the Unicity Transformation Ryan not only lost weight, he eliminated the sharp aches and pains he would regularly feel in the other programs he tried. Now, Ryan enjoys the benefits of a healthy lifestyle accompanied with the products of Unicity.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Ryan Ouellette

Terry J.
Runner up: $2,500

Chronic pain was a day-to-day experience for Terry. She suffered from plantar fasciitis in both feet, a pinched sciatic nerve, and severe tendonitis in her elbow. Her chronic pain resulted in a lack of sleep which left her with little to no energy. After going through the Transformation Program, Terry no longer feels her chronic pain. Subsequently, she lost 41 pounds. She now has the confidence and energy she needs to get her through the day.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Terry Jones

Shaye K.
Runner up: $2,500

When Shaye was first referred to the Transformation Program, she was living with type two diabetes, high blood pressure and severe depression and anxiety. She would often turn to junk food and soda for comfort and was struggling to find joy in her day to day life. It was for this reason that Shaye said a Unicity coach was critical to her transformation. Having someone to guide her and keep her accountable contributed largely to her success. After going through the 12-week program she lost 24 pounds and no longer has depression.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Shaye Kunicki

Harish J.
Honorable Mention: $1,000

Harish began the Transformation Program with no real expectation to lose much weight. However, he was astonished to find that within three to four months he had lost 37 pounds. His success gave him a renewed hope that you could live a healthy lifestyle even when working an office job. Today Harrish continues to use Unicity products to help him focus in his work as an attorney and remain happy and healthy.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Harish Jacelon

Allen G.
Honorable Mention: $1,000

For Allen, it was exhausting to play sports with his kids and go on a relaxing bike ride with his wife. He was tired and lacked the energy and simply chalked it up to getting old. It was only after he found himself in the emergency room getting tested for a stroke that he knew he had to make a change. Now, after going through the Transformation Program and losing 34 pounds, Allen has the energy to spend quality time with his family and no longer has the aches and pains he thought were just part of old age.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Allen Gress

Dr. Swe
Honorable Mention: $1,000

As a health educator, Doctor Swe set out to try the Transformation Program to personally experience a training program that she could potentially recommend to patients. As a health expert the Transformation Program “exceeded [her] highest expectations and goals.” After losing 5.8 inches off her waist, Doctor Swe recommends the program to her patients who continue to see the same astonishing results.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Dr.Beauty Swe

Heidi A.
Honorable Mention: $1,000

Staying thin was never an issue for Heidi until she hit the age of 39. She started to notice the pounds increasing when she stood on the scale and was eventually diagnosed with high cholesterol. She was prescribed medication with some potential side effects that made her nervous. It was then that she discovered Unicity and decided to make a change. After going through the Transformation Program, Heidi lost over 21 pounds and 10 percent of her body fat. In addition, she now has the energy to spend quality time with her family and is no longer on cholesterol medication.


Crystal H.
Honorable Mention: $1,000

Having previously tried a few different diet programs, Crystal found herself feeling frustrated because none of them seemed realistic. The fact that she had six children, five C-sections and a history of diabetes did not make her feel any better. After hearing about Unicity from a friend, Crystal decided to try it out. The past three months have been nothing short of a miracle. After the Transformation Program, Crystal not only lost 30 pounds, she has extra energy and the confidence she needed to give herself a new view on life.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Crystal Hall

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