Unicity Prime Challenge Female Fitness Winner: Manutsawee Buapet

Manutsawee Buapet’s story isn’t the typical weight loss story we often think of — quite the opposite. As Manut puts it, “I have been skinny almost all my life. I thought it was impossible to gain weight.” Though we sometimes mistakenly associate thinness with health, Manut makes it clear that her condition wasn’t desirable. “As a photographer with heavy equipments,” she explains, “my wrist got injured a lot because I didn’t have enough muscles to support the load.” She also felt it affected her appearance, noting that “I looked tired even what I was not.”

Manut wanted to make a change and “gain more weight and muscle so I can be healthier.” Her concern about her health stems largely from her family history. Her father has had major surgery, and her mother passed away, so Manut understands that “I have to take extra care of my health.” So when she heard about Unicity’s Prime Challenge, it was an easy choice. Says Manut, “The Prime Challenge is a way to get my physical health to another level.” Between the Unicity products, the challenge’s time limit, the prize, and the inspiring success stories from previous contestants, the Prime Challenge had what Manut needed to make a change.

Manut gained 15 lbs over the course of the challenge, but she clarifies that “not many people noticed” the gain “because it was muscle mass.” She, however, noticed a big difference. “I feel more confident and comfortable in my clothes,” Manut says. “I am physically stronger.” And best of all, “I inspired myself to do more and be more.”

She’s inspired other people as well. Manut has shown her before and after photos to many people, and says they become “so motivated like me.” If you find yourself motivated by her story, she urges you take the Prime Challenge. “Just do it!” she says. “And stick to it.” Despite the challenges, “the end result is so worth it.” It has been for her.

Manut won $1,000 as our Female Fitness winner in the Prime Challenge. To learn more about the Unicity Transformation program and the Prime Challenge, click HERE.

Unicity Prime Challenge Female Fitness Winner Manutsawee Buapet


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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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