Unicity Prime Challenge 90 Day Plus Winner: Murray Mackenzie

Murray Mackenzie calls himself “a fighter,” and we think you’ll agree. Though he emphasizes how much he enjoys his life, Murray has struggled with his health for some time. He recalls spending years visiting various doctors and specialists, but it wasn’t enough. In fact, he says that “my health got so bad I was on the threshold of quitting my job.” It got to the point where Murray weighed 446 pounds. Something had to change.

Something did. Murray calls it “the miracle.” He was introduced to Unicity and went to his first meeting. “Before I knew it,” he says, “I was starting Unicity Transformation.” Though he was scared, “I knew life had to change.”

That fear didn’t last long. Murray says that he and his coach, Morgan, “hit it off instantly.” With her help, “I went from total depression to hope and excitement.” He began to see changes in his body, too. Each week, he lost weight. He’s been able to go off some of the pills he used to take. As he puts it, “the journey has been surreal.” Murray has now lost 100 pounds, and he is determined that these changes will last his whole life.

Looking forward, Murray wants his success to inspire others. Though he may have started Transformation for his own sake, he knows that others can benefit: “When I started it was about me, which is natural, but now I want to be a lighthouse for people all over the world.” Murray hopes that others, including his family, will follow his example. As he sees it, “So many people are crying for hope. Unicity is their answer.”

It certainly has been the answer for Murray. Having come this far, he is certain good things are yet to come. “I am so excited about my life,” he says. That’s why he keeps Coach Morgan’s wise words in mind. “Every day I hear her words in my head,” Murray says. “Keep going.” Like the fighter he is, Murray is in it for the long haul.

Murray won $1,000 as our 90 Day Plus winner in the Prime Challenge. To learn more about the Unicity Transformation program and the Prime Challenge, click HERE.

Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge Murray Mackenzie

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*These results are not typical. Average weight loss for participants following the Unicity Transformation program is 1-2 lbs/week.

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