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Unicity Pherosense | Capture. Activate. Relive.

Think about that moment — you know the one. The moment when you felt strong, you felt brave, you felt confident, you felt happy, you felt like you could take on the world. That moment you remember and wish you could relive. Because if you could feel like you felt in that moment all the time, you’d be unstoppable.

Unicity wants to help you make those moments into more than mere memories. With Pherosense, you can capture the feeling of a particular moment and use that feeling later. The confidence you feel when you climb a mountain can help you feel confident when you give a presentation.

Unicity Pherosense | Capture Your Essence

So how do we do it? Science! Though you probably aren’t aware, your body is constantly releasing volatile organic compounds — over 400 different chemical signatures that change depending on your mood and your body. Feeling excited? You’re giving off certain VOCs. Feeling confident? Different VOCs. Feeling relaxed? More VOCs.

Unicity has developed a way to record these VOCs and use them later to replicate a feeling. Meet Unicity’s new product, Pherosense.

Pherosense uses a patented carbon strip to record the VOCs your body gives off. Wear the carbon strip when you want to capture them, and then use Pherosense’s system to transfer the VOCs to the fragrance of your choice. Your very own active VOCs will be ready for you to wear, allowing you to use your recorded essence to give yourself a boost.

How will you use Pherosense? The applications are endless. Bolster your confidence or make a zen moment. It’s a product as unique as you are.

For more information, check out Pherosense on our website.

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