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Three Things I Learned Climbing Mt. Baldy

For the Spring Into Summer campaign that we started in April, I wanted to set a goal that would be fun, but also challenging. Hiking has always been the Goliath that I’ve always wanted to conquer. I love the idea of being outdoors and enjoying everything nature has to offer, but climbing steep hills has always been difficult for me, so I set out to not only climb, but conquer Mount Baldy.


The first lesson I learned during this experience is that anything difficult can be accomplished if you prepare yourself. There is no way I could have made the 3,600 feet climb with no switchbacks, without preparing for it first. After I set my goal, I made sure to focus my exercising routine on strengthening my legs by adding sharper inclines in my jogs and pushing myself to lift more. I made sure to climb increasingly harder hikes in the weeks before the big day. I also knew that proper nutrition was key in being successful. I got my body and mind used to the benefits of the chlorogenic acid in Unimate and on the morning of my climb, I took an extra dose to help me with the mental aspect of the climb. No matter what you decide to conquer, preparation will always be a key factor in your success.


The gym that I frequently go to leaves quotes on a whiteboard that you see as you walk out. One day, as I was walking past it, I read this incredibly motivational quote stating, “Rest if you must, but DO NOT QUIT!”. This simple quote resonated with me so much, that it impacted me greatly, even during the hike to Mount Baldy. As I was climbing on that chilly morning, there was a point in which my legs felt like they were going to give up. It was so excruciating, that I had to take small steps, little by little, occasionally rubbing my legs to keep them from cramping. Through this long and tiresome process, I was finally able to make it to the summit. I probably didn’t make it as fast as other experienced climbers do, but no matter how hard it got, I didn’t quit! Learn to listen to your body. Push it hard, for your body can do incredible things that you may not even realize yourself. Knowing to take a break is so important in anything you set out to do; just don’t quit!


My good friend Jeff Heninger set out to do something very difficult. He participated in an Ironman in May at the young age of 55. When I asked him about something that he learned from this experience he told me this: “Doing hard things makes other things in your life look so much easier!”. I have since fallen in love with this bit of wisdom after hearing it, because of how true it is! There was a point in my life before Unicity that I would have never imagined I could have climbed that mountain. I am no longer afraid of doing hard things because I have told my mind that I CAN do them.

So, if you take anything away from my experience, I hope this has sparked a little something in you to set difficult goals. Your body is a gift that can do things that you never thought possible. Don’t let anyone tell you that anything is beyond your reach.

Disraeli Rangel