The Origins of Unimate

Unimate brings together tradition and innovation for an exceptional new experience. We take the yerba mate plant and use a proprietary process to purify and concentrate it (more on that in a bit). While the process may be new, the mate plant has a rich tradition that extends hundreds of years into the past.

The history of mate begins in what is now Brazil, where indigenous people told legends long ago of how they came to have yerba mate. According to these people, the goddesses of the moon and clouds visited the earth, only to be surprised by a dangerous jaguar. A man saved them from the jaguar, and they gifted him a yerba mate plant in thanks.

As its legendary status would suggest, mate has always been more than just a drink. For many in South America, it’s a full-fledged experience. Mate is generally drunk socially, using a shared gourd to make and hold the drink. The gourd will be passed from one individual to another according to custom, with each person using a metal straw to drink the mate.

The Origins of Unimate | Unicity Blog

But mate isn’t just social. The people who enjoy it often tout its benefits. Mate has been compared to chocolate, coffee, and tea, with people saying it gives you the positive effects of each, including energy and mood boosts.

These benefits helped mate spread through South America, and now it is commonly drunk all the way from Brazil to Chile. Mate has even made its way to the Middle East, where it is popular in Syria and Lebanon

Despite this spread, virtually all mate in the world is still produced in three countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. That’s where the mate for Unimate comes from, too. In our mission to Make Life Better, we look across the world for incredible plants — whether that’s Chi-oka Matcha from Japan or yerba mate from South America. When we heard about the benefits of drinking mate, we knew we had to take a closer look.

Of course, Unimate is more than just yerba mate. Our yerba mate is harvested in Brazil, but then it is shipped to Switzerland. Our scientists developed a proprietary process to concentrate and purify our yerba mate. This process makes Unimate 10 times more effective than typical loose-leaf mate. It has, for example, many times the chlorogenic acid of typical mate — a key ingredient that affects the mood. While Unimate has its roots in traditional mate, we think you’ll find it’s something else entirely.

Unimate arrives in the Unicity Shop this month, stay tuned for the release date coming soon!

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