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Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Kiki Vazquez

Kiki Vasquez was very young when she began struggling with her image of herself. At 14 years old, Kiki was plagued by the fear of gaining weight, though she was very thin. She’d seen how many members of her family — including her mother — suffered from obesity, and she’d seen how her father despised her mother […]

Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Dave Stearns

Dave Stearns didnt know that his life would be changed by a tall guy drinking this funny green stuff. As the president of Dale Carnegie Maine, Dave was attending a Dale Carnegie certification when he met Clive Winn, Sr. Vice President of Unicity (who is, admittedly, tall and can often be found drinking Matcha). The […]

Prime Challenge RUNNER-UP: Ferdinand Rodriguez

How did you hear about Transformation? Why did you decide to do it? When I started in Unicity Latino in March of this year as a distributor, I noticed the interesting Transformation product. I waited several months before deciding to do it, but I kept thinking a lot about it. I saw people seeing great […]

Continued Success After the Unicity Transformation

Youve just completed Session 12 with your Transformation coachcongratulations on all youve accomplished these past few months! Right now youre feel better than you have in a long time, you have incredible energy levels, and significantly improved blood work. So what now? Here are 15 tips for success after Transformation: 1. Dont take a break! […]

How the Scale Lies

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger is obese? Yes, I am talking about the former Mr. Universe and seven time Mr. Olympia champion; the man who the world considers to be one of the most muscular and physically fit humans alive. According to his Body Mass Index ranking, he falls into the obese category. At […]

What To Do When You Mess Up

So you messed up, it actually happened maybe this is your first time or maybe it is the hundredth time but none the less it was definitely not a part of your health plan, and definitely did not support your fitness goals. Maybe you just had one little slip up or maybe things got a […]

Four Steps for Improving Self-Efficacy

One of my favorite quotes is, “Your body is a strong machine, but you have to fuel it with a powerful mind.” I love this quote because Ibelieve the most significant factor for achieving your goals is self-belief or, in other words, your self-efficacy. Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your […]