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5 Ways to Care for Your Hair

Your hair is one of the easiest ways you can express yourself. From a perfect pixie to long waves, you’re sending a message with your hair. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your hair is healthy and beautiful. Here’s five ways you can better care for your hair. Go easy on the heat […]

Unicity Announces New Partnership with Latin Pop Icon Chayanne

Unicity is pleased to announce a new marketing partnership with Latin pop icon Chayanne. As one of the top Latin artists in the world, Chayanne has sold more than 50 million albums and won countless awards in the music industry. Now he is excited to lend his considerable experience and influence to Unicity’s mission to […]

How much protein should you have every day?

Have you ever wondered how much protein you should be consuming? When it comes to fat-burning and muscle building, adequate protein intake is paramount. Knowing how much to consume beings with defining your current goals. If they are related to fat-burning or building lean muscle, chances are you need to up your intake! The protein […]

Unicity Latino Launch Event – June 2016

The Unicity Latino launch event was held in Miami, Florida June 16-18th, 2016. It was a 3-day party where attendees were able to celebrate the launch of ourbrand new Unicity division, learn from fellow distributors, and even volunteer for a local Children’s shelter. Everyone had a wonderful time and we always enjoy Unicity teams getting […]