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Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Brandon Parisien

Brandon Parisien’s wake-up call came when he woke up in the hospital because of his drinking. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise—he would drink a twelve-pack of beer each night on weekends, and he’d already ended up in the drunk tank twice. Brandon’s days bled into another. He would work to make rent and […]

Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Diane Forrester

Diane Forrester just wanted to play with her grandson. At 56 years old, she was tired and in pain. She had lost her motivation to work out and eat carefully, and she stopped caring about her appearance and began hiding her body in baggy clothes instead. Maybe she could have lived with it, had it […]

Unicity Prime Challenge WINNERS: Q2 – 2016

We are so excited to announce another round of Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge WINNERS! We congratulate everyone who entered the contest and we’re so proud of the hard work that went into these incredible transformations. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: $5,000 Ralph Ford After almost 30 years in the structure & discipline of the US Army, Ralph’s […]

Protein Bar Myths

Myth: ALL PROTEIN BARS ARE GOOD FOR YOU Here is a myth buster for you: Not all protein bars are good for you! What to look for: Have you ever flipped over a protein bar only to find that it was pretty much a candy bar disguised in a “healthy” looking wrapper? It can be […]

How to Deal with Stress

Stress is one thing everybody will experience at some point or another. Some may handle it fine, experiencing little to no consequences. For others, stress can overpower and run their lives. Though we probably can’t permanently rid our lives of stress, we can definitely control it. When our body is under stress we suffer in […]

How much protein should you have every day?

Have you ever wondered how much protein you should be consuming? When it comes to fat-burning and muscle building, adequate protein intake is paramount. Knowing how much to consume beings with defining your current goals. If they are related to fat-burning or building lean muscle, chances are you need to up your intake! The protein […]

Healthy Swaps for Soda Pop

It’s time to say peace out pop! Truthfully, even the smallest improvements go a long way. Eliminating just one sugary drink a day can decrease your risk of type 2 diabetes by as much as 25%! (Diabetologia, 2015)   Soda consumption is linked to an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Rising rates of […]