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Resistance Training

Have you ever wondered what role resistance training plays when it comes to maximizing your fitness results? Resistance training helps: Increase lean muscle mass Enhance metabolic function Release specific hormones that increase fat burning Allows you to get the sculpted physique you’re looking for Your body is constantly adjusting and adapting to the things you […]

What To Do When You Mess Up

So you messed up, it actually happened… maybe this is your first time or maybe it is the hundredth time but none the less it was definitely not a part of your health plan, and definitely did not support your fitness goals. Maybe you just had one little slip up or maybe things got a […]

Four Steps for Improving Self-Efficacy

One of my favorite quotes is, “Your body is a strong machine, but you have to fuel it with a powerful mind.” I love this quote because I believe the most significant factor for achieving your goals is self-belief or, in other words, your self-efficacy.  Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your […]

Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner Spotlight: Ralph Ford

When Ralph Ford was first introduced to Transformation, he was a little skeptical. He’d seen other diets and fitness programs, and they’d never been convincing. Still, he tried to keep an open mind. “I spent days mulling over all the information,” he says. Ralph had good reason to be cautious. His health was, in his […]

Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Mark Evertsen

Mark Evertsen didn’t always have a weight problem. He was a slight 5’10” and 125 pounds when he graduated high school, and just a touch heavier when he got married several years later. It wasn’t until age and years behind a desk began to catch up with him that he began to realize he didn’t […]

Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Dr. Dara Archie

Dara Archie is no stranger to hard work. Her hard work, for example, got her through medical school and into a successful career as a doctor. So when she knew she needed lose weight, she was ready. Dara was more than willing to put in the work; she just needed some help in meeting her […]

Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Suzanne Heninger

The first thing you should know about Suzanne Heninger is that she is dogged and determined when it comes to improving her life—you’ll see what we mean. The second thing you should know, which makes the first all the more impressive, is that Suzanne has dealt with the effects of rheumatoid arthritis for most of […]