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Prime Challenge RUNNER-UP: Ferdinand Rodriguez

How did you hear about Transformation? Why did you decide to do it? When I started in Unicity Latino in March of this year as a distributor, I noticed the interesting Transformation product. I waited several months before deciding to do it, but I kept thinking a lot about it. I saw people seeing great […]

Prime Challenge RUNNER-UP: Jennifer Rollins

How did you hear about Transformation? Why did you decide to do it? From my Dad. He’s been using the products for a few years. He sent me a box of Balance in 2014, but I never used it. This past May I was out in California visiting my parents and my Dad challenged me […]

Continued Success After the Unicity Transformation

You’ve just completed Session 12 with your Transformation coach—congratulations on all you’ve accomplished these past few months! Right now you’re feel better than you have in a long time, you have incredible energy levels, and significantly improved blood work. So what now? Here are 15 tips for success after Transformation: 1. Don’t take a break! […]

Balancing Motherhood, Health & Fitness

Being a full time mother or father is no easy task, add working part time or full time on top of that, then exercise, meal planning, taking products, the 4-4-12 and still trying to get 8 hours of sleep each night. With all these responsibilities and more it begs the question how is this even […]

Leptin Resistance

Let’s start with the question – What is Leptin? Leptin is a hormone produced by our body’s fat cells. Leptin travels through our blood stream and signals to the brain that we are full. It makes sense then that if we have more body fat, we will produce more leptin. Higher leptin production causes us […]

Healthy Food Claims, Better or Bogus?

Walk down any grocery store aisle and you will be flooded with variety of foods, all with different health claims: “All natural!” “Organic!” “Fat free!” “Multigrain!” just to name a few. We all want to make healthier choices for ourselves and our families, but are all these health claims really healthier, or are they just […]

Total Carbs vs. Net Carbs

Total Carbs vs. Net Carbs: What is the difference? Net Carbs is a fairly new concept that has been gaining popularity over the years. Most people know that some carbs are better for us than others. High glycemic carbs (like refined starches, processed foods, and sugary foods) are digested rapidly, which causes an insulin spike […]