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Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Suzanne Heninger

The first thing you should know about Suzanne Heninger is that she is dogged and determined when it comes to improving her life—you’ll see what we mean. The second thing you should know, which makes the first all the more impressive, is that Suzanne has dealt with the effects of rheumatoid arthritis for most of […]

Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Brandon Parisien

Brandon Parisien’s wake-up call came when he woke up in the hospital because of his drinking. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise—he would drink a twelve-pack of beer each night on weekends, and he’d already ended up in the drunk tank twice. Brandon’s days bled into another. He would work to make rent and […]

Prime Challenge Winner Spotlight: Diane Forrester

Diane Forrester just wanted to play with her grandson. At 56 years old, she was tired and in pain. She had lost her motivation to work out and eat carefully, and she stopped caring about her appearance and began hiding her body in baggy clothes instead. Maybe she could have lived with it, had it […]

Unicity Prime Challenge WINNERS: Q2 – 2016

We are so excited to announce another round of Unicity Transformation Prime Challenge WINNERS! We congratulate everyone who entered the contest and we’re so proud of the hard work that went into these incredible transformations. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: $5,000 Ralph Ford After almost 30 years in the structure & discipline of the US Army, Ralph’s […]

The Power of a Support Team

Losing weight, getting fit, and living a healthier life isn’t always easy.  It can be a bumpy road where some days are up and the next day is down. In these roller coaster moments having a good support system can make all the difference in your success.  Numerous studies have shown that surrounding yourself with a good […]

Prime Challenge GRAND PRIZE Winner: Ryan Ouellette

Being told he had high cholesterol was shocking news for Ryan Ouellette who, for most of his life, had been active and healthy. As a young boy Ryan developed a strong foundation of healthy nutritional habits that he continued throughout his teenage years. As a competitive individual, Ryan participated in hockey schools and high caliber […]

Unicity Prime Challenge WINNERS: Q1 – 2016

We are pleased to announce our newest Prime Challenge contest winners! We applaud everyone who participated this quarter, and encourage all to participate again. If you are interested in the Unicity Transformation Program, sign up here to get started. Ryan O. Grand Prize Winner: $5,000 As an active, lightweight boxer, Ryan never thought he would […]