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The Truth About Lactic Acid

Even with having 30 years of research on lactic acid there are still misconceptions that fitness professionals and the general public hold as truth. The most common are: 1. It’s considered a primary cause of fatigue during exercise. 2. It’s the cause of delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) which occurs 12-72 hours following exercise. […]

Continued Success After the Unicity Transformation

You’ve just completed Session 12 with your Transformation coach—congratulations on all you’ve accomplished these past few months! Right now you’re feel better than you have in a long time, you have incredible energy levels, and significantly improved blood work. So what now? Here are 15 tips for success after Transformation: 1. Don’t take a break! […]

What To Do When You Mess Up

So you messed up, it actually happened… maybe this is your first time or maybe it is the hundredth time but none the less it was definitely not a part of your health plan, and definitely did not support your fitness goals. Maybe you just had one little slip up or maybe things got a […]

Four Steps for Improving Self-Efficacy

One of my favorite quotes is, “Your body is a strong machine, but you have to fuel it with a powerful mind.” I love this quote because I believe the most significant factor for achieving your goals is self-belief or, in other words, your self-efficacy.  Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your […]

How To Eat Healthy When Traveling

Most of us are not in the habit of planning ahead for what our next meal is going to be, especially when traveling. We usually rely on fast food or vending machines as way to curb hunger and cravings. If your goal is to lose/maintain your weight and live a healthier lifestyle, you need to […]

The Power of a Support Team

Losing weight, getting fit, and living a healthier life isn’t always easy.  It can be a bumpy road where some days are up and the next day is down. In these roller coaster moments having a good support system can make all the difference in your success.  Numerous studies have shown that surrounding yourself with a good […]

Protein Bar Myths

Myth: ALL PROTEIN BARS ARE GOOD FOR YOU Here is a myth buster for you: Not all protein bars are good for you! What to look for: Have you ever flipped over a protein bar only to find that it was pretty much a candy bar disguised in a “healthy” looking wrapper? It can be […]