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Consistency is Key

Have you ever been really good at something or experienced someone being really good at something? Have you ever thought about the process it took to for you or that individual to get to that point of flawless execution? I am sure we can all agree that the majority of those great people didn’t just […]

Meal Prep 101

It’s too stressful to try and figure out what to make for a week. It takes way too much time to prep. I need variety. Where do I even start? Do these thoughts sound familiar? Even I, now a seasoned meal prepper had these thoughts at one point. There was a period when I was […]

Holiday Eating Tips

Do you have a strategy for finding the balance between your Transformation goals and the holidays? As always, whether you are approaching a vacation, a social event, or a holiday, you have to ask yourself one question, What do I want to accomplish? You will always have three answers: 1. I want to continue to […]

What To Do When You Mess Up

So you messed up, it actually happened maybe this is your first time or maybe it is the hundredth time but none the less it was definitely not a part of your health plan, and definitely did not support your fitness goals. Maybe you just had one little slip up or maybe things got a […]

How To Eat Healthy When Traveling

Most of us are not in the habit of planning ahead for what our next meal is going to be, especially when traveling. We usually rely on fast food or vending machines as way to curb hunger and cravings. If your goal is to lose/maintain your weight and live a healthier lifestyle, you need to […]