Resistance Training

Have you ever wondered what role resistance training plays when it comes to maximizing your fitness results?

Resistance training helps:

  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Enhance metabolic function
  • Release specific hormones that increase fat burning
  • Allows you to get the sculpted physique youíre looking for

Your body is constantly adjusting and adapting to the things you throw at it.† You may have noticed that when you first begin a new exercise routine your body responds quickly and results can sometimes seem immediate, but with time that same routine becomes less effective and you stop seeing those impressive results. If you are not consistently increasing the intensity of a workout, the body adjusts to the assumed challenge and results stagnate. A perfect example can be found if you take a close look at cardiovascular routines.† Though cardio is an effective way to burn fat and improve overall cardiovascular health, it does not elicit the same response as resistance training.† If you are making cardio the sole focus of your exercise regimen, your body is more likely to adapt, and in turn burn less calories.


Though your body may become efficient at burning fat during a cardio session, you arenít necessarily burning MORE fat. Your body acts like a fuel efficient car, conserving energy and using the least amount of muscle to improve endurance.† Cardio can be a more effective tool when properly combined with a proper resistance training routine.†If cardio is like a fuel efficient car, resistance training is a diesel engine truck.†The energy demand required in resistance training allows you to burn more calories and fat during a shorter amount of time.† Remember, resistance training is very versatile and you donít have to use weights or go to the gym to get the benefits.† Using your own body weight is a great way to begin resistance training.† A perfect example of this is the HIIT workout routines our transformation coaches implement throughout the program.† The key to resistance training is pushing past a certain intensity level your body is not used to.† Some great indicators of the right resistance intensity level are: feeling a burning sensation in your muscles, a heart rate elevated closer to max heart rate, and not being able to hold a conversation during the routine.

watch your heart rate

The whole point is to get to a level that is uncomfortable, where your mind is telling you to stop, but you push out a few extra reps or go for a few more seconds.† If this is not the case, the stress load is not significant enough for your body to respond to change and increase muscle.† Pushing to max capacity allows certain hormones to be released that increase fat burning for a longer period of time. With cardio it takes about 15-20 minutes for your body to start burning fat as a main energy source and once the session is over, so is the fat burning.

Hopefully this gave you a better understanding of why resistance training is such an important tool when it comes to maximizing your results toward your fitness goals.† Implementing resistance training 3-4x a week is significant enough to elicit the results mentioned above.† Speak with a coach if youíre interested in learning more about implementing a resistance training routine.† Stay motivated and keep up the great work toward your transformation!

This article was written by Coach Sean.


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